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Welcome at AudioGames.net!

Audiogames, as opposed to video games are computer games who's main output is sound rather than graphics.

Using sound, games can have dimensions of atmosphere, and possibilities for gameplay that don't exist with visuals alone, as well as providing games far more accessible to people with all levels of sight.

This site exists as a community portal for all things to do with audiogames. Here you will find news, articles, an active community forum and our database of over 500 titles on platforms from Microsoft Windows to iOS.

If you've not played an audiogame before, strap on some headphones, try one for yourself and hear the difference!

The Dragon Awakens to find itself...in an Apple Orchard.

This announcement from the folks over at Draconis tells us they are back and headed in a new direction. Pinball tables more portable than ever? A few rounds of brawling with Mr. Whoopass while waiting in line at the checkout? Or how about broadcasting Bo-Linball on the same tv that you visit the Ten Pin Bowling Alley with...Busha Bob wrote:Criky jolly-ranc... [read more]

May 15, 2023

Audiogames.net digest - April 2023

Welcome to the April 2023 audiogames.net monthly digest, bringing you all the hottest releases and news about games of interest to blind gamers! Join us for quite the April shower of goodies, including a game jam, a ton of updates as well as some very exciting news from the main stream gaming world! And as always, please let your friends know they can also receive these digests to their inbox or RSS reader as they come out!New Releases [read more]

May 01, 2023

Audiogames.net Monthly Digest - March 2023

Welcome to the March 2023 edition of the audiogames.net monthly digest! Spring is here, which means that all the sleeping plants and animals will start waking up. And just like nature springing back into life around us, so have game developers! And do we have an absolutely stacked month for you, featuring a few absolutely massive new releases, both ones we were expecting, as well as a few more awesome surprises that we weren’t. Whether you’re a PC, console or mobile gamer, you won’t be dis... [read more]

April 01, 2023

Audiogames.net Monthly Digest - February 2023

Welcome to the second edition of the audiogames.net monthly digest of 2023! Being a little shorter than the other months, February gave developers a bit less time to put out new releases or updates. That being said, we still have a bunch of exciting things for you this month, including a new exciting idle game, a newly discovered mud and as always a number of updates both big and small. And speaking of big, we recently surpassed 100 subscribers to the email newsletter! When we started this... [read more]

March 01, 2023

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