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7-128 Gamebook - perceptions edition

title:7-128 Gamebook - perceptions edition
download page:link
developer:7-128 Software
platform:Windows, Mac
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


7-128 software is a small highly dedicated group of developers who produce a range of both free and commercial games from interactive mysteries to puzle and word games intended to be both as quick, easy and simple to play as possible, and highly addictive and immersive.

One reason their games are so quick and user friendly as they are, is that they all run in one overall program, ---- the 7-128 gamebook (not to be confused with the gamebooks audiogames.net genre catagory), which has a standardized interface and commands, is highly compatible with screen readers, and even may be self-voicing with it's own in built game voice text to speech system.

Of course, you not only need the gamebook program, but some games to play in it. Fortunately, the gamebook comes with five of 7-128's games. While the standard edition of the gamebook includes two games which are not accessible, the perceptions edition has been specifically created for blind users, and so comes with 5 totally accessible games, ---- though all games are also available separately as well.

The five accessible games which come with the perceptions edition of the gamebook are:

  • Inspector Cindy, Deathnell: an interactive mystery game set in the city of newport in the 1890's. As a detective of the Newport police department, it's up to you to deduce who killed the Worthington family's downstairs maid. The list of suspects and witnesses is long, and affairs are mirky, but you always have the outspoken Inspector Cindy of the Ostro-hungarian empire to give you a tip or two. The game's choice based action is enhanced with audio clips and voice acting from Inspector Cindy and the various colourful characters you'll meet around Newport..
  • Kim's game: a game of memory and concentration based upon a concept from Rudyard Kipling's book: Kim, and similar to the final round of the British quiz show "take your pick" You are given a list of everyday objects such as ring, bicycle and computer and some time to memorize them. After the time expires, your given a larger list, and are required to pick out the initial objects from all the rest. As the game progresses, the time you get to study the list, the number of initial objects, and the number of objects in the final list all increase making for some major brain challenges.
  • Definitions: a vocabulary bending word game similar to that found on the Free rice website, --- though with the edition of scores, sound effects and a nasty time limit. Your given a word, and several definitions and are required to pick the correct one. Points are awarded for speed and correct guesses.
  • Crambles: an anagram game in which you must unscramble the letters to find the word, ---- all the time working against the clock.
  • completion: Another word game with added time limit. This time your task is not to unscramble letters, ---- but to add in the missing ones.

Though the above link will download the windows version, there is also a mac version found here and all their individual games which may be run in the gamebook are also available for the mac as well.

As of 2017, 7-128 are concentrating on developing new games for mobile platforms, so their pc games are now not only all free, but also abandonware, though should work flawlessly on all versions of Windows. Note that though you still need to go through the shopping cart process, you won't be charged anything to get the games.


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