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A few minutes of glory

title:A few minutes of glory
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genre:Strategy Games
release:February, 2019
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A few minutes of glory is an attempt to compress a huge, complex and detailed real time military strategy game down into a handy package that you can pick up and play; well in a few minutes.

Heavily influenced by the popular age of empires, the object of the game is simple. As ruler of your own civilisation, you must engage in short and nasty military campaigns against enemies who arise to challenge you, with the ultimate aim to defeat them in glorious battle.

The game takes place in matches of around four minutes each. During matches you will be continually producing resources, food, wood, gold and stone each tick, resources with which you will need to build military units for both attack and defence, as well as defensive fortifications for your capital. The ultimate goal of each match is to reach ten glory points. You can earn glory by attacking your enemy, or by successfully winning defensive battles when your enemy attacks you. Should the four minutes be up before either side gets to ten glory, you will be facing the final battle, in which your entire army attacks the entire enemy army or visa versa, with victory or death as the outcome.

Should you be victorious, you will earn an extra power, such as faster production, more effectiveness for some of your military units,or the ability to start with advantage in troops or fortifications, and you'll be up against the next opponent. Survive ten matches against increasingly difficult attacking enemy hoards, and you win.

What makes the game truly unique, are the military units. Though there are 15 different types of unit in the game, ranging from the slow but destructive catapults (only useful in offence), to the swift horse archers or the cheap militia, neither you nor your enemy will be able to produce all units at once. Instead you will be given a selection of unit types and have to make the best of them, taking into account their strengths and weaknesses, and what possible composition the enemy army might have. For example, camels are a type of cavalry which specialises against enemy cavalry, is pretty good against infantry but less useful against ranged attackers, so if you see the enemy fielding lots of skirmishers and archers, you might be better putting your resources into producing something else.

The game has been built with voiceover capability in mind meaning that if you swipe right through the various objects, you will always be told the name, cost and then find numbered buttons to buy them. At the top of the screen you will find your amounts of resources, food, wood, gold and stone with numbered buttons to build extra resource buildings, EG farms and stone quarries. Benieth that are your military units with their costs listed and two buttons for each, the first assigning to attack, the second to defence. So if you found militia 15 f 0 2" it means the militia unit costs 15 food, and you currently have 0 on attack duty, and 2 on defence. Past your five unit types is the "attack" button, which also comes with a timer which tells you when you can next launch an offensive, and below that are options to build fortifications, walls and towers (though note these only have one button since these can only be used in defence). At the very bottom of the screen are status messages giving details of the results of the last attack.

After each match you will be returned to the campaign screen, where you can choose your next power and also see what military units you have (check the info buttons for descriptions of each).

While the game is real time, with resources continually being produced and a threat of enemy attack at any point you can change game's speed to give you time to look around the screen, anything from extra slow, to slow, medium or fast. The Ai of your computer opponents can also range from easy, normal, hard or insane, a difficulty level so tough even the developer himself cannot conquer it.

The game has no demo mode, but at just $3 it shouldn't break anyone's bank. .

This page on applevis

with addictive gameplay, an Ai that ranges from easy to let you learn the game, to horrifically challenging, a real time clock keeping you on your toes and the need to evaluate your options and make decisions quickly, this is a short, but extremely addictive strategy game which should definitely appeal to any arm chair generals out there and thus comes highly recommended.

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You can read This guide posted on the audiogames.net articles room, by the appropriately named glory master, which advises you how to beat the game on all difficulties.

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