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Battleship Sv

title:Battleship Sv
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genre:Traditional games
developer:Games For The Blind
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The current status of Gamesfortheblind and their titles is unknown, as their site and download links have vanished from the internet. Also, according to those who did purchase their games, apparently they no longer work correctly with versions of Windows later than 7..

Accessible Battleship SV (SV stands for self-voicing)�is designed specifically for visually impaired computer users.� This version contains a copy of the Eloquence software speech synthasizer, allowing everyone to have complete access to this game. There is also a non-SV version.

Accessible Battleship SV is a 1 player game in which you play against the computer.
You and the computer both have six ships. You take turns shooting at the ships, and the first one to sink all six of the opponents ships is the winner.
This game uses the Eloquence software speech synthasizer to provide spoken feedback to the user, such as game navigation, the results of each shot, and much more!
The Eloquence speech output and nice sound effects make this game very accessible for visually impaired gamers!

(by Chris Norman)


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