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Adventure to fate 2 Battle arena

title:Adventure to fate 2 Battle arena
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genre:Role Playing Games
release:January 2015
features:text, sound, visuals
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Adventure to fate 2, Battle arena is an awesome single player game of tactical combat available for Ios. The game sees you participating in a tournament held to celibrate a legendry hero's victory; where your character will be facing off in the arena against a hoard of ever more unpleasant monsters. When you begin the game, you can create a character by choosing their race, class and profession and of course rolling their stats. The races go from the usual human, dwarf and elf to vampire, moon elf and even gnome, and the jobs range from knight, clerric and wizard to illusionist and monk.

The game then sees you taking on a series of turn based battles in the arena, using your skills, spells and techniques to be victorious before heading on to a new challenge, of course rearming yourself with stronger weapons and armor along the way.

As well as visiting the shop to buy stronger items, you can also craft items from the loot you gather from various monsters according to which of six crafting professions you chose for your character, such as leatherworker, jeweler or weapon or armour smith.

The amount of character choice and customization options in the game is huge, particularly sinse with access to the in game vault, you can store items to be shared between different characters, something you will indeed need to do in order to get your characters through some of the harder parts of the later game.

Extensive work has gone into making the game accessible, and though some aspects of the interface are a little crowded, there is nothing that cannot be easily worked around.

When you begin the game, after creating your character you will be presented with the main dungeon screen. This has your character's basic stats towards the bottom and the screen showing the main dungeon perspective towards the top, with buttons in the top corners to access the menu and the in game gem shop.

The dungeon is layed out as a series of squares rather like a chess board that you need to move your character around square by square. In the very center is the battle arena where you go to face your next group of monsters. Two squares above the battle arena in the very top center of the board is the exit portal that leads on to the next level of the tournament when you've vanquished all your foes. Two squares below is the exit portal that lets you return to the previous battle, with the item vault two squares to the left, and the shop two squares to the right. Having voiceover set to vertical navigation is highly recommended sinse then you can flick up and down as well as left and right to change your position on the board. So, when you begin, locate the exit portal in the bottom centre of the board (where you have just entered the dungeon), then flick to the path one square above and double tap to move your character, then flick one up to the battle arena and double tap again to move there.

The skillbook, crafting and inventory screens can all be accessed from the menu buttons (along with options to read the help or turn off the in game music or sound effects), and are all easily navicable with standard voiceover flicks.

The battle screen does have some miner complexity due to it being an overlay on the main screen, but is no trouble once you've mastered where things are, for example your character's various skills can be found horizontally roughly one third up from the bottom, with your stock of potions to the right. The battle log showing what's happening is at the bottom. Your character's stats such as staminer, hp and sp can be found above the ability scores. To battle simply double tap what ability you want to use, then go to the top of the screen and find where the enemy's name and health percentage, eg toxic puddle %100 are listed, and then double tap to launch your offensive.

The game is entirely free to play, however several extras, such as use of the vault or various professions must be unlocked with fate gems that are also used in crafting. Fate gems are fairly frequently droped from enemies, however to support the developer or if your impatient you can always buy some. Additionally, you can pay to have add pannels removed from the game or for the amounts of gems you recieve from enemies to be doubled.

The game may be found, (as with all Ios titles), in the Ios ap store.

You might assume at first sight that the idea of just going through a string of turn based battles, with no description or ongoing story would become extremely dull. However the complexity, the need for planning, and the thrill of finally vanquishing a tough set of monsters is something that you will just have to experience for yourself, and when you add a massive number of different combinations of characters to enter the dungeon with, many items to make plus a bonus, extra tough arena at the end you have one heck of a game that any rpg fan should certainly not miss.


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