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All in play

title:All in play
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genre:Social game hub
developer:All inPlay
features:text, sound, visuals
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All in play was an online games room; possibly the first available on Windows for blind players, founded in 2004 which attempted to foster a community atmosphere between blind and sighted gamers. For a small subscription of $7.99 a month, players would get access to all of All in play's games. These featured not only output directly to Jaws for windows or Microsoft Sapi, but also highly colourful and visible graphics, music and sound effects, so that they were fully accessible and attractive for those with any level of sight. Their games also came with a text chat system, so that you could talk whilst playing, along with various options for tournaments, and extra anti tables for the casino type games.

One particularly memorable feature of All in play was the chip fountain, which you could visit two or three times a day should you lose all your winnings, though extra chips could be bought at the all in play store for an additional fee if players wished too.

All in plays games included:

  • Crazy eights: Their first and simplest game. ~The mean cardgame similar to uno in which players get rid of all their cards but must pick up an extra eight if the preceeding player drops an eight on their turn.

  • Five card draw poker: All in play's second game, the familiar and quickest casino version of Poker. Players get five cards each, then one chance to exchange a number of their cards in an effort to form the best poker hands possible, betting all the way and attempting to con others out of their precious chips.
  • Texus holdem: Called the Cadillac of poker. Players are dealt two cards, after which five cards are successively laid on the table, leading to a game of luck, skill and good bluffing.

  • The Anagram game: Introduced in 2006, and the first All in play title that was not a card game. Given a common phrase, players had to reform the letters into as many words as possible within a time limit, earning chips for correct construction.

  • Blackjack: The classic game of twenty ones, complete with some extra betting options and all casino rules fromm doubling down, to buying insurance.

  • Locum locution: All in play's final title released in 2007. Similar to the quiz game lingo, try and complete a word before other players do, as letters are successively revealed.

Sadly, no further games were developed for the All in play system, and the website vanished from the net some time in 2014. There are still however many in the community with fond memories of All in play, and whilst these days there is quite the variety of online social games available to blind players, it's always good to remember those who took the first steps and started breaking down barriers.


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