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Alt Frequencies

title:Alt Frequencies
download page:link
genre:Audio Adventures
platform:Windows, Mac, Android, Ios, Steam
features:text, sound
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In Alt frequencies, you are equipped with a brand new, state of the art radio set. Apart from being able to tune around the radio waves, it also has the ability to record snippets and send them back at any station. Armed with this awesome piece of kit and your ears you get to be thrust in a world on the verge of incorporating some new time loop technology which is designed to save the environment and the economy... Or, has this already been implemented? That's for you to find out!

Alt frequencies is a very simple, yet adicting game. By listening to the radio stations, and recording clips of them to relay to others you progress the story forward. All the while you get to enjoy a diverse cast of entertaining characters. Each station has a distinct sound, from the over the top electronic beds and energetic delivery of the pop station, to the no nonsense news channel to the low quality reverberating microphones of the local colledge radio. There is also plenty of original music written specifically for the game which you can find scattered in the programming of all the stations. If you like a lot of story in your games, and enjoy listening to audio dramas and podcasts, alt frequencies is definitely worth checking out.

The game costs 5 Usdd, and outputs to standard screen readers such as NvdA and Jaws.

Developer's description:

What happens when everyone is stuck in the same time loop, without knowing?

Alt-Frequencies is an audio mystery game where you use the airwaves to open the world’s eyes to the truth. Record, rewind time and broadcast snippets of radio shows to expose radio hosts, conspiracy theorists, politicians, underground activists - and a dog.

By redistributing information, you change what happens in the next 3 minute time loop and impact both news cycles and the lives of the people behind them.

Listen as their personal stories evolve, in a world that seems to stand still.

  • A new kind of narrative game that blurs the lines between the fantastical and the everyday while examining our relationship with mainstream media through the prism of radio stations.
  • Built-in accessibility features that make the game available to a wide range of people - including blind and visually impaired players.
  • Brought to life by a diverse cast of 20+ amazing voice performers, including TV, podcasts and YouTube personalities such as Jasika Nicole (Fringe, Welcome to Night Vale) & Mike Rugnetta (Reasonably Sound, CrashCourse).
  • By the studio behind the critically acclaimed A Normal Lost Phone and Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story.
The download link is for the itch.io version of the game on Windows and Mac. In addition, the game is also available on: ------------------------

Those who want to use Steam could also check out Pitermach's steam guide found here Also, thanks to Pitermach for providing this description.


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