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genre:Role Playing Games
developer:BCG Mobile
release:October 2019
features:text, sound, visuals
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Aridon: A roguelike rpg adventure is a text-based adventure game that takes place on the fictional continent of Spyre.

You take on the role of a rogue hero who must defeat the monsters and recover the stone of wisdom.


  • Text-based play.
  • Level up to become stronger.
  • Purchase weapons such as daggers and swords.
  • Purchase armors to protect you in the dungeons.
  • Purchase Potions to heal, cure and power up your character.

Aridon is a really easy to pick up and play RPG. Though the official description above mentions roguelikes, navigation in this game isn't anywhere nearly as complex and is more similar to Path Of Adventure. On each screen, you get 2 large buttons indicating a right and left arrow. To progress, you simply tap on the right arrow and then look above it to see what the game threw at you, whether that's a shop which lets you stock up on items, some loot lying around, or a group of monsters that you need to battle to proceed. What is very much a roguelike element is the games randomness and the number of things out to kill you. While you start with plenty of cash which will let you stock up on healing items, you will need to pay attention during battles to use them at the right time to avoid dying. Death results in you losing 15% of your coins, unless you purchase a coin pack with real money as a form of donation.


The previously mentioned arrows are not labeled, however they are very large and indicated as button by screen readers so they shouldn't be difficult to find. There are also 3 other unlabeled controls on the game screen. In flicking order, the first opens the settings letting you turn off music or sound effects, the second opens your inventory which lets you heal or change out equipment, while the third displays any quests you're currently on and how far you have to go to complete it. The main screen also includes your current stats, such as health and cash. Finally, you will often see a few clickable clearly labeled graphics representing your dagger, sword, healing herbs and poison cures, which are context sensitive. During battle or inventory management, they let you use those items to heal or attack, while in a shop they let you buy or sell items of that category.


Once you learn what control does what, Aridon becomes a blast to play and is a great starting point for people new to RPG's or for those who don't like to worry about memorizing dungeon layouts


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