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Audio Game Hub

title:Audio Game Hub
download page:link
platform:iOS, Android, 32-bit Windows
release:April 2016
features:sound, visuals
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From the people who brought us 1812: Heart of Winter, this collection of eight audio arcade mini-games and two casino games is sure to keep you coming back whenever the mood strikes--and the time allows--for some simple, immersive, eclectic arcade fun. The game has visuals, but it's entirely playable with audio alone. Be aware that playing on a PC (XP and up is supported) requires that you be able to use a pointing device for some of the games. Download it for iOS, Android and 32-bit Windows.

The collection includes these games:

  • Slot Machines: the traditional game of slots, rendered fully in sound.
  • Blackjack: Get as close to 21 without busting in an effort to beat the dealer.
  • Archery: play in the tournament at Sherwood Forest. Bend back bow with the mouse or swipe down on the phone screen and release when the target sound is close to the center. If you win, Lady Marian's hand will be yours.
  • Hunt: hunt and kill the wild animals of Sherwood Forest for survival. First bend your bow aim aim at the animal by moving your finger or mouse around until you hear the targeting sound(warning some are fast)..
  • Samurai Tournament: test your reflexes against samurai in a quick draw tournament. React as soon as you hear the clap but don't be too hasty or too slow. If nothing else, play to listen to the master.
  • Samurai Dojo: test your endurance against samurai warriors by tapping or hitting keys to swing your sword as quickly as possible within the time limit.
  • Labyrinth: solve and escape these sinister mazes by moving toward the exit sound and stepping in the cardinal directions.
  • Memory: pair the animals for the farmer, in the classic concentration game of stacked boxes in a grid, using your memory to aid you.
  • Blocks: arrange five types of crates into rows of three or more on an ever-faster-moving line with four sections Tetris style.
  • Super Simon: The classic remember the tones Simon game, with the ability to earn or buy many soundpacks to keep life interesting.
  • Bomb disarmer: A similar game to Simon in which you play an intrepid bomb disposal expert saving New City from a mad bomber. Sequences of tones are random each time in this one making it a tough challenge.
  • Animal escape: A frogger like arcade game in which you swipe with your finger to jump an animal across dangerous terrain, grabbing up gold coins and avoiding beeping obstacles along the way. ,Look out for cars and trains trying to squish you and don't be Too slow or the grumpy driver jo will catch you and take you back to the farm.

The collection is free to download for Ios and Android and the Casino games can be played as much as you want. the arcade games can be played for free by watching an advert. Alternatively, various options exist for getting access to the games, either buying them individually for between 2 and 4 usd each, paying for access to them all for six months or a year, or buying the hole bunch permanently for 24 usd (that's about 18 UK Pounds or 20 Euros).

On the plus side, the Ios or Android version contains nearly 60 achievements to be earned and online scoreboards for all games in the games (which can be examined directly in the game with it's self voicing menus).

The older Pc version, though at this time completely free lacks several aspectsof the mobile versions including several games, the online scoreboards and achievements system. Whether these will be added to the Pc version in the future is yet to be seen.

Additional resources.

As usual for Ios releases there is This page on the Applevis site devoted to the game. Also, Thomas Domville of Applevis has recorded A podcast found here hwich demonstrates the game.

Sam Tupy has also recorded This rview which details more aspects of the game.

Musicalman, one of our own forumites has written This article about animal escape Which explains the mechanics and gives you a few tips on playing.

With addictive gameplay, an exceptional soundscape and a dedicated team of developers already working on the next set of updates, this is absolutely recommended for anyone who wants quick arcade action.


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