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download page:No link!
genre:Space invaders Games
platform:Web, Windows, Mac, Linux
release:October 2020
features:text, sound
last edit by:pitermach


Auraboros is the next crazy invention from shiftBacktick, famous for games like Sound Strider. After a couple of people floated an idea to develop a shooter in their unique audio engine, they decided to give it a try when the next game jam came around.


Like all of their previous games, the description of this one is kept vague, short and simple with just one sentence. "Devour rival singularities or be assimilated. An endless shooter with bullet hell and reverse tower defense influences.". You are also provided with the games controls, which follow conventional FPS conventions - W, S A and D to move, Q and E to turn, space or control to shoot. Mouse and GamePad controls are also provided. If you want to keep the suspense, grab the game from its Itch page linked above. It can be played either in browser, or downloaded for Windows, Mac and Linux for absolutely free, though a donation is very much encouraged. If you'd rather have a better idea what to expect, read on.


Your goal is, like the description says, to destroy other singularities. Up on starting the game, you'll find yourself facing one right away, with a solid, targeting beep letting you you know you can shoot. The tone will get slower and lower in pitch if you aren't aiming perfectly straight at a singularity, though you will still be able to hit it if your aim isn't perfect. Destroying a singularity will take a lot of shots, and you'll want to do so quickly, as they will eventually retaliate by launching black holes at you represented by a sound of static. These black holes will take only one shot to kill, but equally getting hit by any of them once will kill you and they will continue to chase you around until you deal with them. All the while, new singularities will continue to appear, all launching black holes of their own at you. Destroying singularities, while also avoiding and destroying their black holes will take a lot of skill and you'll very quickly find yourself in bullet hell if you're not careful!


Like all of their previous games, Auraboros is written using shiftBacktick's unique web audio game engine, which synthesizes all of the sound effects in real-time. This not only means that things like your shots and all of the explosions will all sound a little different each time, but it also gives the game a very warm, retro vibe that gives a rather calming effect despite the utterly chaotic nature of the gameplay. If you're a fan of first person shooters, arcade games, Sci-Fi or all of the above, this game is a must play!


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