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Avatar mud

title:Avatar mud
download page:No link!
developer:Avatar mud
release:1991, ongoing
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Avatar mud is another long standing and well regarded fantasy rpg mud which has been running for an incredibly long time. As you might expect, the game lets you enter a fantasy kingdom, choosing from a wide range of races from centaur and gnome to Duergar, and classes from warrior andcleric to archer and mage, fight monsters, engage in epic quests and explore a vast and complex world.

The game is intended to provide a varied level of challenge, being easier at the start, and rising to truly monstrous levels of difficulty later for those intent on power gaming, especially since a lot of the harder races are more difficult to play, and a lot of the harder challenges require players to cooperate in groups.

As part of this friendly atmosphere, the game has some of the best in built assistance for screen readers including a wide variety of commands to remove spam, customise the prompt, and even shorten battle descriptions. The games help provide extensive textual maps to help you find your way around the world quickly and easily.

The game is regularly updated and also runs quests and events, in addition to the tasks and quests you'll find whilst exploring, and since you level regularly quickly, you should never be short of something to do.

The game is entirely free to play and to progress through, but donations are gratefully received.

To connect to the game, point your favourite mud client to avatar.outland.org port 3000,

For helpful information on quests, classes and other resources contributed by Avatar's players, check out The avatar mud wiki

Whether your an explorer, a quester, a power gamer or just someon who likes to hang around with others whilst engaged on a light monster slayage, Avatar might just be the ideal mud for you.


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