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Azabat Educational games volume 1

title:Azabat Educational games volume 1
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genre:Educational games
features:text, sound, visuals
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Azabat educational games volume 1 is a collection of four word games mainly aimed at children. Like the other Azabat titles, it's self voicing, and it comes on a CD. The instructions are very well written, and the games are easy to play.

The first game in the collection is Hangman. In this famous game, you have to guess the word before your number of guesses run out, and the picture is completely filled in. You can guess your letters by typing them, or scrolling through the alphabet, and pressing on which letter you want to guess. You can also use the mouse to click on letters.

The next game in the collection is Anagrams. In this game, you are given a bunch of scrambled letters, and you have to make words out of them. You can once again type the letters, use the mouse, or scroll through the alphabet and press enter on the letter you want. Anagrams could be highly addicting because you usually have to find hundreds of words out of the letters you're given.

Third, is Word Search. You can choose your puzzle size, and there's many catigories of words to choose from. You can use the mouse, or use the curser keys to cycle through the letters.

The fourth and final game in the series is Spelling Test. In this game, there's three different types of spelling tests you can take.
  • Right or wrong - a word is presented and you have to decide whether it is right or wrong.
  • Multiple choice - you are given two spellings of a word and have to pick the correct one.
  • Straight spelling - a word is spoken and you have to type it in, either by pressing letters on the keyboard or using the cursor keys to scroll through the alphabet.
Like Azabat's other compelations, this disc costs 30 pounds, or 50 dollars US.


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