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Azabat games volume 2

title:Azabat games volume 2
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Azabat is a company based in the Uk who's aime is to provide games which are quick and easy to play for those not familiar with computers, such as the eldily who may not be able to learn their way around a complex program, but might stil want to play games. Their second volume contains a collection of five word games and one numerical game. If playing by demo from the cd, the games will cut out after a couple of rounds, thus not letting you build up a high score.

  • Hangman, the simple classic word game. Complete the word by guessing letters, but beware sinse wrong guesses will add to the ten peace Hangman picture. too many wrong and you lose.
  • countdown, a game based on the round of the popular British quiz show. Choose a number of letters both vowls and consonants up to a total of nine, then make the biggest word you can. Though the 30 second timer will sound, you can choose to ignore it or turn it off. You don't type anything, sinse the game is primarily a mental exercize, but you can hit escape to here the computers' solution.
  • Anagrams, is a very similar game to count down, accept here you choose the length of the word you want. The computer will scramble the letters of a word word and you will need to work out what it is. Once again, there is no typing of the solution, though hitting escape will give you the answer.
  • Number crunch, the one game on the collection that is not a word game, though it is also taken from the popular tv program count down. In this game, instead of choosing consonants and vowls, you choose small and large numbers, small being 1-10, and large being 25, 50, 75 or 100. You are given a targit number and told to reach it using the numbers you have with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. For example, if the targit were 325, and you had the numbers 50, 25 8 and 2, you could do 8 minus 2 equals six, times the 50 to get 300, and add 25 to make the targit. As with the anagrams and count down games, yoyou don't actually get to input a solution, but can see the computers' best guess by hitting escape. There is also a timer sound if you wish as well.
  • Targit. This again is a slightly different game, similar to Bg word targit You have a grid of 9 lletters with one in the center, and must make words vertically or horizontally using the central letter. The game keeps track of your score as you type words in or move with the cursers.
  • Link words, a game with three variations. The basic principle is to find a three letter word hidden in a longer one. This can either be a three letter word in the middle of a longer word which makes two others, a three letter word in the middle of a single longer word, or a scrambled three letter word where the letters need to be rearranged. hitting enter during the puzles will give clues as to what some of the letters are. As with anagrams and countdown, you don't type your solution, you make it up yourself. The computer can however give a solution to the problem if your stuck with the escape key.
  • The collection costs 30 Uk pounds, 41 Euros or 52 American dollars.

    All the azabat games run directly from the cd with no installation needed, feature sound effects in the games and are self voicing with recorded speech. As one of the primary intentions of Azabat is to create games playable by computer novices, the games use only the function keys,number row, space bar and cursers to make things easier, with all in game keys explained.

    The games also have bright, high contrast graphics, making them perfect to play for people with any level of site, indeed in the word games the magnification can be turned up as far as 64 times normal and all the letters, as well as the few pictures such as the Hangman graphic, are on bright backgrounds, especially when the games are multiplayer ones.

    Though the azabat games are (thus far), sold as retail only on cd, a demo cd is available from Azabat on request containing demo versions of games in their first four volumes, which will allow a player the chance to play the games with either time or round restrictions and thus try before buying.


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