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BG Code Breaker

title:BG Code Breaker
download page:link
genre:Word Games
developer:Spoonbill Software
release:June 2011
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


BG code breaker is a game that will challenge your vocabulary and logic skills. Based on some code breaker puzzles that appear in news papers and magazines, the object of the game is very simple. The letters of the alphabet have been hidden with a code of numbers, each letter assigned one of the numbers 1-26. You are given a list of words written with this code to look through. , At the start of the game, you are told the identity of three specific letters, and the object, rather as Sherlock Holmes once did, is to use those letters in combination with your knowledge of the English language to crack the code with as few errors as possible.

So, you might see 3 a c k. But what is number 3, ---- b? s? h? you could guess, but if you get the letter wrong it will result in a n error and lower your score. Say however that in another word you see c 3 a n g e. Well, you know now that the 3 is likely letter h! Complete this process for all 23 hidden letters by looking at the various words in the list, and the game is won.

The controls in the spoonbill version of the game are perfectly simple. Use the arrows to read through the list of words, where letters and numbers will be spoken, and left and right arrow to go through character by character. Press alt and a letter on the keyboard to see if it's been decoded, and to make a guess at a particular number, just arrow to it and hit shift and the letter. Function keys can be used to have the word spelt, or to see how many letters are left still to decode.

In access terms, BG code breaker is everything you'd expect from Spoonbill, being completely self voicing via microsoft sapi, and having the ability to display high contrast letters for low vision players. You can even play midi music during the game as well. Also, as with all other spoonbill games, Code breaker is absolutely free.

Happy code breaking!


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