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BG Klondike Solitaire

title:BG Klondike Solitaire
download page:link
genre:Card Games
developer:Spoonbill Software
release:July 2005
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Klondike solitaire, also called Canfield Solitaire in the UK, is another popular solitaire variant. Along with Freecell, and has been included with the Windows operating system, or available from microsoft since 1990. The game is played with 7 stacks of cards, layed out with different numbers of cards on each stack, and four foundation piles, with the object to move cards between piles to the foundations to end with a sequence of cards running ace to king. This makes for a game which (unlike freecell), is not always possible to win, but one which is well worth trying.

As is usual with Ian Humphries games, Klondike features a set of comprehensive instructions, an ability to play with maximised graphics to aid low vision players, and the use of Microsoft Sapi to make the game self-voicing, as well as a host of different keyboard commands for easily reviewing and manipulating the various columns and piles. You can even play midi format music in the background while you play as well.

Also (like the famous Microsoft windows version), the game is entirely free to play.


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