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Beach Volleyball

title:Beach Volleyball
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Unfortunately, since at least January of 2018 Vipgameszone seems to have completely vanished from the internet. This means that not only are their games no longer available to buy, but even people who bought copies of their games cannot register them either.

Beach volleyball is one of the games in Vip gameszone's Supersport package, therefore when you download the demo or buy the game, you'll also get Funny bowling

Beach volleyball itself is a full audio simulation of the sport of volleyball, with lots of audio ambience, recorded speech and sound effects. Similarly to tennis, the object in volleyball is to serve the ball across the net and attempt to score points (rallies as they're called), by having it land on the ground rather than being hit back by the opposition. Unlike Tenis however, the game is played betwene two teams of two players, is played on sand, and players hit the ball back and forth using their hands rather than rackits.

In beach volleyball you use the arrow keys to move your player, switch betwene your two team members with the 1 and 2 key, and hit the ball with enter. When the opposition returns the ball, you need to center it's sound (assuming your controling the right player), and hit it back with the enter key. As well as moving left and right, you can also use the up and down arrows to move backwards and forwards around the court, which adds an extra element to the game, sinse while you can only seve from the rear of the court, balls hit from closer to the front will travel faster. to check your coordinates in the game use the space bar, and should your player trip on the beach you can stand up with the up arrow.

Like many of vip gameszone's other titles, Beach volleyball may be played either with the computer on difficulties from easy to insane, or with an opponent over the internet.

the game demo will allow you to try out all game functions, ---- including online play for a maximum of 3 days, ---- and the same goes for funny bowling as well.


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