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BG Mastermind

title:BG Mastermind
download page:link
genre:Puzle Games
developer:Spoonbill Software
release:January 2012
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


BG mastermind is a slightly enhanced version of the traditional memory and logic puzzle for two players. Compared to some other versions of Mastermind, The Bg version more closely resembles it's board game original. The computer generates a code made up of a combination of four pegs, either coloured or represented by numbers (depending upon the setting of the game options). The player must then guess the code in ten guesses or less. for each coloured peg; or number, placed correctly in the right hole, the player is awarded a black peg. For any right but in the wrong place, the player gets a white peg, and it's through the placement of these pegs that the player can determine the code, hopefully before he/she runs out of guesses.

While it's use of pegs puts it closer to the original board game, there are several interesting enhancements made to the game that take advantage of it being played on a computer and may help players refine their strategy. For a start, a compatibility mode checking guess can be used, to check whether guesses are compatible with previous efforts. For instance, if a code of 1 2 3 4 produced two white pegs and two black, guessing 1 2 5 6 would be incompatible, since you already know that you have the four numbers of the code from the previous guess. You can also choose whether to allow guesses that have duplicates of numbers or colours, or contain empty spaces rather than using all four, thus making the game easier, or potentially more difficult.

As is usual with spoonbill games, BG Mastermind is self voicing Via Microsoft Sapi, contains graphics and some options for visually impaired players, and can also play midi music during the game. It also keeps statistics to let you know how well or badly you've done, and you can switch the speech from verbose, to brief mode, as well as decide upon whether you would like to play mastermind with numbers, or the more original coloured pegs of the board game. As is also the case with the BG games, mastermind is utterly free as well.

Happy puzzling!


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