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Blind Adrenalin card room

title:Blind Adrenalin card room
download page:link
genre:Social game hub
developer:Blind adrenalin simulations
release:June 2009, ongoing
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Ever fancied sitting down to a poker table with thousands of dollars at steak? or sitting down to an intensive high profile card tournament with some serious competition? Blind Adrenalin has the answer.

Blind Adrenalin's on line Card room is a great way to spend time, whether your a serious card junky up for some mega competition, or just someone who likes the odd hand of cards to pass some minutes. Seven games are currently available in the card room, ---- hearts, Spades, Euchre, blackjack, five card draw poker, traditional texus holdem and the dice game Yahtzee, with player statistics such as tracking of money in poker or blackjack and points collected in hearts, and tournaments for the card games every week.

The casino feeling is even enhanced with the chance to spin a roulette wheel to gain extra cash should you run short, ---- but luckily all cash is virtual so you won't have to bet the farm on the next hand.

All the games feature a wide selection of keys for reviewing your cards, bets, score, details about the other players, and even chatting via in game text messages, ----- though sinse the games are incredibly light on your computer's resources, it's quite possible to run the games and other chat software such as Skype or one of the ftp chat sites such as "for the people" while playing, ---- and many players do this as well as use in game chat.

The games output directly to Jaws, Window eyes or Ms sapi, (Hal support is also being worked on), and all feature sound effects.

the object of hearts is to avoid taking tricks containing hearts or the queen of spades, which takes skill, good memory, and (especially against human players), both a vindictive and occasionally cooperative streak. The blind adrenalin version of the game offers extensive options, including frequent player tournaments, the ability to create games with your own parameters such as amount of thinking time given to players, number of penalty points required to finish the game, and even whether the jack of Diamonds provides positively to your score. You can additionally send specific invitations to human opponents and set the start time for a game, ----- or play with several computer controlled monkies (especially useful if you can't quite find three other humans to play with).

Spades is a trick taking game like hearts, but actually bares more relation to whist or even bridge. Partnerships of two players bid to determine how many tricks they can take, --- with spades as trumps. Careful hand planning and a good bidding stratogy are therefore required. tournaments, and the ability to create tables with a number of rule varients are also preasant here too.

euchre is another partners based trick taking game (also sometimes called solo). using a deck containing only 24 cards, partnerships make bids on which sute is trumps, and then attempt to score tricks or block the other players from doing so. One interesting point is that the value of the two jacks aka the left and right bower changes depending upon whether a red sute (ie hearts and diamonds), or black sute is trumps, thus creating more trump cards and making tactical play in taking tricks far more necessary. Luckily, all aspects of the game are explained very well in both the instructions and audio tutorials on the blind adrenalin site, and of course expect tournaments and customization as well.

Texus holdem is the most popular form of five card poker, made famous in world tournaments and indeed the recent JAmes bond film. The rules involve each player attempting to make the best possible 5 card poker hand using both his/her two hole cards and the five community cards which are progressively dealt on to the table, ---- all the time navigating bets, raises and bluffs. It's a game of most extreme skill and deep tactics, and one at which many players are highly skilled offering some very serious competition. In addition to the standard five card rules, the Omahar rules are also supported and players can choose to play with them. Thse alter the number of cards in hand and on the table, thus making different better stratogies necessary.

five card draw is another poker game, but this time you are dealt five cards and get no chance to know what your opponent has, ---- thus everything is based on bluff and tactics, making it a considderably different game from Texus holdem.

All the customization options mentioned for hearts apply here as well. There are often tournaments, going from the minny "Sit and go" player created tables where all players pay an entry fee in chips then play until one person is left, ----- with all the chips being devided among the last three players to finish, to full scale, grand ranked affairs running over several days. Players can set many factors when creating tables, ---- everything from blind or anti amount to total chips required, turn length and maximum bet limit.

blackjack is the traditional quick casino game of 21s, --- also sometimes known as pontoon. you begin with two cards, and then accept further cards in an effort to get as close to 21 as possible without going over and therefore bust. All the traditional Casino rules such as double down, ---- in which you can effectively split your hand in two if your dealt a pare, and going all in apply here, pluss, a new varient is the burn out table in which players begin with a certain amount of cash and the last player in the game takes the pot. tournaments and the like are also available here too.

Finally, a new addition to the cardroom is Yacht, the popular dice game often known as yahtzee. roll the five dice three times for each of the 13 rounds trying to get scores in the various catagories, however risking having to put a zero in one catagory if your rolls go wrong. Tactics include what dice you choose to throw back and what scores you go for. Though this game is available in various free accessible versions, blind adrenaline allows people the chance to play against actual uman opponents, as well as hold tournaments and other competative challenges similar to the card games.

The above link will lead to the page for downloading the various game clients pluss the windows requirements, ----- and also contains several audio tutorials and sets of instructions on how to play the games.

Everything in the games has been heavily tested and considdered to give an optimal online playing experience, ----- even the keys have been chosen for ease of access with one hand, and at only $3.95 a month, with some cheaper subscription options, it's well worth it, ----- especially as further games are planned for the future at no additional cost to subscribers.


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