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Blindfold Bobsled

title:Blindfold Bobsled
download page:No link!
genre:Racing Games
developer:Kid friendly software
release:January, 2019
features:text, sound
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Blindfold Bobsled is a rather tricky game from Kidfriendly software which simulates the high tension, high speed winter sport, though thankfully without the broken bones and frost bight.

Even though a Bobsled isn't usually thought of as racing vehicle, the game is listed as "racing" since controlling your sled is quite a matter of precision. Turning your phone left or right causes your Bobsled angle in the correct direction, whilst tilting your phone backward or forward causes you to speed up or slow down. As your Bobsled approaches the edge of the track, the sound of it sliding across snow will angle off to one side, meaning you need to quickly veer the other way. Knowing the controls is easy, actually steering correctly is much harder and will take quite a deal of practice.

Various game options are available. You can use the two learning options to learn how to twist your Iphone to control your sledge, and use two extra short practice games for a quick, twenty second practice. Once you've mastered those, you can choose the type of track you want, , a short or long track containing a set number of turns, a timed game in which random turns will be thrown at you, or even an endless mode which lets you progress as far as you can without crashing.

Changing the difficulty in settings lets you decide how likely death is to occur should your sled hit the fence beside the how hard the random turns thrown at you on timed tracks is, and the width of the just to add to the difficulty even more.

If avoiding a plunge into icy depths wasn't enough to worry about, you can also access a mode which adds snowballs to the track. You can pick up one or two snowballs per section of track to earn extra points, and if, playing on the endless mode, extra lives as well.

The two practice games and the learn games feature can be played as often as you want, and the game comes with ten coins, allowing you to play ten games on other modes. Each of the short games, long games and timed games upgrades costs two dollars to buy, with an additional dollar for the snowballs mode, though you can always go the hole and buy everything for 7 dollars.

As is usual, Blindfold Bobsled has Its own page on the Applevis site found here


Happy racing and remember to stay warm.


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