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Blindfold Bop gesture game

title:Blindfold Bop gesture game
download page:No link!
genre:Educational games
developer:Kid friendly software
release:September 2017
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


Kid friendly software add the addictive rhythm action bopit game to the Iphone lineup, complete with gestures and weird sound effects.

The rules, as people might remember, are quite simple, hear the instructions, in this case the instruction of a gesture such as tap 3, swipe in a direction or shake the phone and perform as fast as you can. Too many mistakes and the game ends, however be rewarded for right answers by things getting faster (not much of a reward really). Survive for six increasingly frantic levels and finish the game to find out your final score.

addition to some Jazzy Hawaiian sounding music as you play and instructions in a clear human voice, the game has a number of difficulty modes on offer to challenge you. As the modes increase in difficulty, so the number of gestures grows and the time for correct answers shrinks. The full roster of gestures includes one or two finger swipes in all four directions, shake the phone, a twist left or right (the rotor gesture), as well as simple taps with one, two or three fingers. This makes it a perfect way for those getting used to Ios rather unique user interface to practice their gestures.

As well as the different difficulty modes with their six levels, there is an endless mode for arcade style challenge with more gestures added, and various customisation options. These include a student mode which makes the menu easier to navigate and the ability to choose what gestures are available as well as the usual output customisation.

The game is free to download and play and comes with ten coins for playing ten games, however for longer play you can buy the unlimited play upgrade for six dollars. You can also purchase optional extras to add a two player mode option or give you the chance to customise what gestures appear in the game.

As usual for Ios titles, Blindfold bop gesture has This page on Applevis To provide more information.


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