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Blindfold Bowling

title:Blindfold Bowling
download page:No link!
developer:Kid friendly software
release:October 2015
features:text, sound
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Blindfold Bowling is a sports simulation game from Kid Friendly software, which brings all the coordination and pin pushing action of the bowling alley to your Iphone with all the rules, scoring, and authentic ambience. The basic principle of game is surprisingly easy to pick up and play, although quite challenging to master, sinse it works entirely by analogue gestures, tracking the movements of your fingers across the screen.

There are three alternative, and increasingly difficult methods for tracking just how you throw the ball. In the simple throw method, you just move your finger across the screen horizontally, then slide vertically to launch (your horizontal position will be indicated either with numbers, 5 being closest to the edge and 1 being centered, or with beeps depending on your setting). Alternatively, if this is too easy you can try the single finger method. This works the same way accept that the angle at which you flick vertically dictates the angle of travel for the ball. For real masters, there is the two finger method. In this way you first need to slide your thumb across the bottom of the phone to line yourself up, then slide your finger across (while keeping your thumb in place), to determine the direction of throw, and finally perform the vertical flick. All of this as you might imagine takes a degree of coordination.

All of these methods of throwing may be used in games against yourself, trying to beat that perfect score, against one of a number of different computer opponents with different skill levels, or against a second player at samt the same phone.

In addition to the various throwing methods mentioned, Blindfold Bowling can also be customized by changing settings. These include making the pins and ball smaller (meaning more accurate shots are needed and the pins are less likely to knock each other down), a simulation of the foul line rule, and customization of your computer opponents skills.

As with all the Kidfriendly games, Blindfold Bowling is entirely free to play, however each game takes one coin. You begin with ten coins, and can earn extra ones by viewing dayly videos and earning blindfolds, or if your very lucky by getting several strikes in a game. Additionally, extra coins can be bought in packs, with the unlimited coins option available for 15 usd.

As is usual with Ios games, check out The blindfold bowling page on Applevis For more information.

With realistic bowling alley ambience, a variety of options and a surprising difficulty, this will definitely be a good chance for bowling fans to play a few frames anywhere and anytime they want on their Ios device, without having to carry something as heavy as a bowling ball around.


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