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Blindfold Pinball

title:Blindfold Pinball
download page:No link!
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Kid friendly software
release:april 2016
features:text, sound
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Pinball is possibly the oldest, and most addictive of lf all arcade games, and thanks to Kid friendly software you now have the chance to carry a bunch of pinball tables around in your pocket.

As with many addictive games, the principle in pinball is deceptively symple. Take a small steal ball and flick it up an inclining table with two flippers located at the bottom, trying to bounce it off bumpers, around switches and into pannels to score points, while being careful it doesn't fall down between the flippers into the drain where it is lost forever.

The blindfold variety of the game comes not only with three different pinball machines in standard, power and speedy configurations, all with different bumpers, ramps and switches to explore, but also some different varients of controlling the game accessed from the settings menu, for example decide to play with a faster or slower ball, or to have either duel flippers operated with a single flick of the finger on the screen or separate flippers (one on either side), which need to be operated individually.

But also a large number of different available sound schemes for the tables, going from body noises, to bells, to wild west, space or even African safari animals.

All of the basic sounds however such as the rolling ball and ambience are more than enough to give a clear impression of the table, there is even a 3-2-1 count when your ball approaches the dreaded ddrain, (though this by no means makes the game too easy). The game also can be played either with voiceover or indeed with the default Ios system voicee (which can be customized in the settings menu).

As with the other Blindfold games, Blindfold pinball is entirely free to download and play, and the standard machine and pack of sounds, available with all difficulties can be played for the use of one coin (additional coins can be earned through watching advertising videos).

Various extras however are also available for purchice for small amounts of money including other packs of sounds for the pinball machines, and of course the two harder pinball machine configurations.

As is usual with Ios titles, Blindfold Pinball has It's own page on Applesvis found here

Happy bouncing.


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