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Blindfold Pong

title:Blindfold Pong
download page:No link!
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Kid friendly software
release:July 2014
features:text, sound
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Alan Alcorn's Pong while not perhaps the first computer game of all time, is one of the most successful and widely known, and has been part of public consciousness ever sinse it first appeared in 1972. Thanks to Marty Schultz of Kidfriendly software, you can now play it on your Iphone wherever you want.

One of the things that has made Pong such an enduring success is how simple it is to understand and play. Probably the most stripped down version of table tennis imagineable, the object is to move your paddle from side to side to bounce a small ball around a closed arena, earning points as you go. While in the original Pong you had to defeat an opponent bouncing the ball back at you, the Kidfriendly version of the game despenses with this and all you need to do is earn points by bouncing the ball off the back wall of the playing area. This might sound too easy, but is more tricky than you'd imagine, particularly because you need to physically move your phone from side to side to direct your paddle when you hear the ball approaching on either the left or right of the sterrio field.

Though the first couple of stages might seem rather simple, the game has a huge number of different levels, rising in difficulty which makes things more and more difficult to handle. Changing the size of your paddle (and thus how dead centered the ball needs to be), the speed of the ball, it's bounce angle and how randomly it changes speed when hitting the arena sides, and even adding in additional balls to keep you on your toes, you'll probably find later levels will feel more like pinball than table tennis.

As with all the Blindfold games titles, comprehensive instructions are provided, and there's no need to turn off voiceover while playing though much of the game is also voiced directly anyway.

The game is free to download from the Ios Ap store and play, but like several other Kidfriendly titles has a coin system in place, each time you play will take a coin. More can be earned for dayly rewards by watching videos, or bought at a rate of 50 coins for a dollar, however a starter pack can also be bought for 5 usd which provides unlimited coins. Note however that you will also recieve coins for every five successful ball hits as well, so it's quite possible to play for free for quite some time.

Of course as an arcade type game, high scores can be posted to twitter and facebook for competition on the various levels too.

Additional resources

As usual for any Ios title, Blindfold Pong has This page on Applevis

You can also hear this podcast demonstration of the game by David Woodbridge of the applevis team.

Happy bouncing.


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