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Blindfold Basketball

title:Blindfold Basketball
download page:No link!
developer:Kid friendly software
release:July 2016
features:text, sound
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Blindfold basketball is Kidfriendly software's rendition of the popular ball bouncing sport, controlled from the comfort of your favourite Ios device. As in the regular sport, the object is comparatively simple, dribble a ball across a court to sink it into the basket for two points, the execution is a little harder, taking strategy and timing.

To move around the court, you just swipe in the direction you want to go. Each time you move you will be told your position in the court, EG right front court or next to the basket, and the distance and direction of the basket itself. Double tapping on the screen will let you choose your shots, including free throws, jump shots and hook shots, though bare in mind that some of these shots not be useful your in the wrong position, jump shots for example are no use if your next to the basket, while hook shots won't help you much if your at the back court line.

Once you've decided your shot, you need to aim and shoot, do this by holding your finger on the screen, moving left and right and listening out for the double ding which indicates where to throw. After you find the correct position quickly swipe up to throw the ball, though bare in mind hitting the baskets isn't always easy.

The Blindfold basket ball game comes with various modes of play which increase in difficulty. To begin are practice lessons on how to move around and shoot. Then there are the coach games, in which the coach will tell you what type of shot or position on the court he wants you in, and only shots from those positions will count. Score ten points (five correct baskets), per game to move on to a higher level, though as the basket gets smaller in size each time, correct shots will be harder.

Once your happy tackling the coach, you can move on to the games with other players. Here, the sound squeaking shoes will the player's position around you when you move your phone left, right or centre, meaning you have to be more careful moving around the court and scoring, once again, complete several levels with ever smaller baskets to win.

The game has a lot of settings to customise, some of which change the difficulty. You can choose to dribble the ball by snapping your phone with your wrist for that authentic basketball feeling, try to make shapes of the shots you want to throw on the screen. You can even vary how much luck you have with the coach's decisions if you happen to get the wrong shot in the wrong place.

The three practice lessons can be played for free as often as you want and you begin with ten coins to try out the other games. To play unlimited games with the coach costs 4 usd, or to add players costs another $4, alternatively you can buy all the games for 7 dollars.

As is usual there is This page on Applevis if you want more information

Happy dunking.


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