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Blindfold Pyramid tiles

title:Blindfold Pyramid tiles
download page:No link!
genre:Traditional games
developer:Kid friendly software
release:July 2017
features:text, sound
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Blindfold pyramid tiles is a tile matching and puzzle game, similar to the well known Toodle tiles for windows. Inspired by the ancient Mahjong solitare puzzle, the object of the game is to remove all tiles in the pyramid by matching pairs concentration style. The catch however, is that tiles may not be removed if they are blocked in to left and right. Thus if there was a red tile at A1, a blue tile at B1 and a blue tile at C1, you could not match the two blue tiles until you'd found another red tile to remove the tile at A1. Also, the game isn't called pyramid tiles for no reason, since tiles are placed in stacks atop each other, and you cannot move a lower tile in the stack if you have not first removed the tiles above it. Strategy therefore comes in predicting which tiles you need to remove where to get to what other pairs of tiles, requiring planning and mastery.

Playing the game is easy, or at least navigating it is, just swipe in a direction to move around the board, flick up or right with two fingers to change levels, and double tap on tiles you want to pair up, of course playing the game well is quite another matter. The game uses various objects as tiles, including colours, months and animals. It also comes with various modes of play for you to practice, along with some different options for sorting the tiles. To begin, you can play a 6 x 6, 10 x 10 game on one level to get the hang of the left right blocking rule. You can then progress to games with two three or four levels and consequently more tiles before you eventually graduate to the full 144 Mahjong solitare puzzle, which contains not only 5 levels of slightly differing composition, but also has some unique extra rules, such as sister tiles, which when removed knock out corresponding tiles on other levels of the pyramid as well.

Of course, if you happen to make a move you regret, you can always swipe left with two fingers to undo it, though note that this will negatively affect your final score.

You can also play the game in a number of modes from very easy, through easy, medium and hard, The harder the mode, the more random the distribution of tiles, and thus the more likely you are to find yourself in an unwinnable situation. The hard mode completely randomises tile distribution.

The game has a number of customisation options for gameplay, including how tiles are spoken as you move around the board, and whether sounds are used to indicate blocked in tiles.

The game is entirely free to download and play and comes with ten coins to get you started which can be used to play ten games. After this point the game must be purchased for five dollars or pounds. You can also pay an extra $3 to get the ability to retry the exact same puzzle again if you fail. However, note that as always your quite free to resume a game in progress at any time you want with no need for an extra upgrade (particularly handy in a time consuming game such as this one).

As usual the game has This page on Applevis

Happy matching.


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