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Blindfold Racer

title:Blindfold Racer
download page:No link!
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Kid friendly software
features:text, sound
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Blindfold racer is a rather challenging arcade game, intended both to give a general fun experience and also educate children about the uses of sound in navigation by visually impaired people.

The game is definitely more a quirky arcade title than any sort of real attempt at replicating racing. On the various tracks music will play, and when the car is drifting across the road towards the fense the music will also drift into the left or right sterrio field. A player who hits the fense will lose points. In addition, various animals will be wandering around rather dangerously in the road, and if a player hits an animal they'll get a commical slide whistle sound and also be docked some points, though on the plus side some roads have prizes to collect which can rais a player's score.

The game has a rather unique control method, holding the Iphone or Ipad facing the player with the home button to the right and using it like a car steering wheel. This means that while the game play is extremely simple a player will need careful coordination to drive safely and rack up a high score, especially when controls such as a gas peddle to speed up the car or breaks are added into the mix. In addition to the starting tutorial levels which will introduce a player to the various driving principles of the game, the game also has a challenge mode where players will have to pass a number of levels in succession without making a mistake, seeing how high their score can get. Since the game features game centre achievements this is certainly one for the competitive.

As of it's most recent version, Blindfold racer can now be run quite successfully with voice over reading the buttons on screen, though it is still possible to play the game and handle all options menus without. In addition, the game has the interesting feature of being able to output a road to a braille display so that a blind player will be able to more easily review the route they'll be driving and understand where and at what angle the various bends are.

Once You've finished the tutorial and initial ten tracks that teach you how to drive, you can buy further tracks, now up to 50, as in ap upgrades. These extra tracks include challenges and puzzles, from meetings with a hungry troll, to using a jetpack in addition to your car, so are definitely recommended for anyone who wants a whimsical driving adventure.

Additional resources.

For more information and comments, as usual with ios titles there is The blindfold racer page on applevis

You can also read more about the game's development at The developer's blog found here

The group Pg13 have also recorded a podcast demonstration of blindfold racer (along with a couple of other games, which can be Heard here

The game is intended to be easily played by a child audience, with clear and precise instructions and a logical menu, as well as somewhat cartoony sound effects, a wide range of different styles of music for navigation from electronica to random classical and a generally rather cheerful atmosphere. For all this though, Blindfold Racer still can be extremely challenging particularly in the matter of it's controls, so if your a fan of arcade titles and fancy a new control method give it a go.


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