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genre:Adventure Games
developer:Gavin Brown
release:May 2013
features:sound, visuals
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To say Blindscape is an interactive story is playing a bit loose with a number of deffinitions. It certainly has some very good sounds, audio and voice acting, and a distinct setting and character, however much of the point of the game is to convey feelings, experience and emotion rather than a specifically narrative set of events. Similarly, though the game does have scenes in which you interact with your environment, these are rather interludes in the plot which give you an idea of some of the principle character's experiences, rather than being sett goals to perform or tasks to puzzle out.

In the game, you play a man who has been found guilty of a crime in an authoritarian society. Going on the basis of the punishment fitting the crime, the man has both his eyes burnt out and is eventually released to languish alone in a run down apartment to wither away. Feeling that he has no choice, the man sets out for a goal which is mysterious even to himself possibly his own death, in a world of broken buildings and lost hopes, where even small tasks like finding the handle of his front dor seem nearly impossible with his new blindness.

The principle action in the game involves participating in the disorientation of the main character as you track your finger around the screen looking for set targets at places in the story. Because these sequences work on single finger tracking, Voiceover needs to be turned off before playing, also though the game is extremely short (less than ten minutes), it is however free.

As usual, there is a page for blindscape Here on the Applevis site and a podcast demonstrating the game by Marko from Applevis can be heard here though bare in mind this podcast plays through the entire game so you might want to try for yourself before listening.


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