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genre:First person adventure
platform:Windows, Mac, iOS
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NOTE: after not receiving updates for many years, Blindside has been removed from the iOS app store, and with the Desura distribution platform no longer functioning, the Mac and Windows versions are also no longer available for purchase. The developers have been contacted to clarify the game's status, but for the moment its licensing situation is unknown.

Blindside is a highly atmospheric adventure game that throws you into the horrors of a full scale appocalypse not unlike John Wyndham's day of the trifids. Playing as case, an assistant professor you and your girlfriend Dawn literally wake up one morning to find that you, along with most people in the city have gone completely blind. Case is therefore left to navigate in an entirely new and unfamiliar manner while blood thirsty beasts stalk the streats of a ruined city.

With only your wits, skills at maneuvering by hearing and quick movement your left to protect Dawn, unravel the mystery of the appocalypse and survive in this new, savage world.

Gameplay is highly simple to understand. First listen to each story sequence, then when you hear the bing sound, you'll be left to carry on and survive. In full first person with rich immercive sound, you touch the top of the screen to walk forward, and the bottom to walk backwards. You can choose how you turn left and right, either tilting your phone or, (for the fully immersive experience), using your phone's gyro to rotate your body in the direction you want to go. This combined with the game's incredible audio landscape and synister atmosphere makes for something that is both scary and challenging.

For those without access to Ios, Windows and MAc versions also exist which use a more traditional keyboard control method, though are otherwise identical even in access.

The game doesn't even require any screen reader such as Voiceover, sinse instructions on things like changing control methods or saving and resuming the game are given to you in full audio. The game costs three pounds, or five Usd and can be found in the Ap store for Ios, or downloaded for Mac and Windows from the above site.

additional resources

As usual with ios releases, Blindside has A page on the Applevis website

Khalfan Bin Dhaherhas recorded This podcast which shows a good amount of the game. And those crazy people from Pg13 have done their own Podcast about the game as well.

Bare in mind however, both of these podcasts contain massive spoilers so it's recommended to listen with caution.

With a rich story, great audio ambience and a unique use of sound, this is definitely one for horror fans.


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