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Blood wars

title:Blood wars
download page:No link!
developer:B W team
platform:Online, web browser
release:2007, ongoing
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Blood wars is a mmorpg game themed around being a vampire lord of a post appocalyptic world. Being given a small sector of city to control, the object of the game is to both build up your character and your square of the city, while fighting off attacks from random vampires, journeying outside the city to see what you can find, and of course storing up blood from your human minians to extend your dark powers.

Some aspects of the game will be familiar to everyone who has played these sorts of games before. Choose your character class from several different types of vampire each with different skills and traits then build buildings in your city to set up hourly increases and raise your defenses before your fellow blood drinkers start attacking you. The game however is not quite as mercinary as you would think sinse there are limitations to attacks, not the least being the real time distance between you and your target. In addition, traveling out on quests and short adventures outside the city as well as performing tasks for the vampire elders play a major part in the game.


The game also has a resource management stratogy aspect as you upgrade your square in the city with buildings such as a brothel to gain more cash per hour, and housing for more population and hourly blood gain, as well as an armory to increase your stock of items and a security center to create more spies and troops who can assist you in attacking other vampire lords around the city.

As time progresses, you find out more about the world and also get to customize your character further, including their fighting style and preferd actions in battle.

As usual there is a clan system, which especially comes into play during sieges of rivals areas of the city as well as during large scale trips outside to fight various larger and nastier creatures, or to raide temples for specific artifacts and treasures.

In terms of access, the game is very accessible being mostly standard links and normal text, however one thing worth noting is a large amount of information is contained in mouseovers (for example the functions of your various stats), so it's recommended to have a screen reader which can handle these, as well as being familiar with columnized information sinse some sets of information, such as what targets in quests you still need to complete in order to progress on to the next set are displayed this way. You also will encounter hotspots to click on to activate some items such as hourly bonuses or assigning stat points, though these are usually labeled with a "click here" however one important thing to remember is to go into settings and activate the classic view (which contains fewer images), and the text view for shops rather than the graphical one that happens by default or otherwise you might find items harder to equip.

Choice of game style can also be reflective of which of the two game realms, Necropolis or Underworld is chosen. The Necropolis features an in game shop where players can trade and craft items, while underworld features more extensive options for playing with your items and engraving them with magical runes.

Creating an account and signing up is free, however you can purchice a premium account which offers bennifits, noteably making your character move more quickly, give you a bigger in box and armory and more. Also note that premium game days (which can be bought at a rate of roughly 20 per one us dollar), also serve as something of an in game currency, and a number of premium upgrades are available. These usually take the form of special game conditions which do things like make quests run faster or give you better chances of finding items for a limited period, and can be customized to what activities you prefer in the game.

With a unique worldand lots of battling, this is a competitive game with a great and dark ethos and so will likely appeal to all those with a particularly bleak mindset and a fondness for gothic literature, as well as people who are interested in crushing their rivals and competing for status, although this is one game where it's not necessary to simply slaughter others in order to make it to the top.


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