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Bloodshed, release the pain

title:Bloodshed, release the pain
download page:link
genre:Side Scroller
developer:Samtupy productions
release:September 2015
last edit by:Dark


If your feeling frustrated and irritated and just in the mood to wander into a forest and blow away some enemies, Bloodshed, release the pain is probably the game for you. Since the game is a side scroller the controls are nice and easy to master, just use left and right arrow to move (up arrow to jump), and hit the control key to use your selected weapon. Change weapons using the number row and use the P key to use a healthpack if your in trouble.

At your command in this game is an assortment of audinance that would make the Terminator jealous, ranging from minds and automatic rifles, right down to a nice simple pistol or even your fists if you get in serious trouble with lack of amo.

Fortunately, as well as a hoard of never decreasing foes to vent your spleen on, you will also occasionally run across powerups, which range from amo upgrades and extra health packs to truly staggering boosts.

The object, as with many arcade games is to see how long you survive, and how much destruction you can cause. Do well enough and you might just earn a place on The Samtupy scoreboard, found here

The game runs simply as a basic exe file, no unzipping needed, and outputs directly to sapi, even the instructions are contained within the game itself, making this perfect for a quick blast (quite literally). It's also %100 free as well.

Good hunting.


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