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download page:link
genre:Side Scroller
release:February, 2020
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Bloodstorm is a great chance for anyone who wants to kick back, relax, explore and kill! kill! kill!

The game is nothing less than a full online world, where you can get a house, relax in the town, find items, enjoy the ambience, and journey around large 2d maps (with new maps and creations continually added by the admins). Well what do you do in this game you might wonder? Well that is simple, Hack, blast, butcher slay, and did we mention the killing! In Bloodstorm all players are equipped with a bunch of weapons ranging from their fists, a sword, throwing knives and a crossbow, , right up to a laser, grenade launcher and a full scale cannon! All of these weapons do damage at different rates, and have different effects upon a character's speed. The goal of the game is simple, track down other players and slay them! for each player you dispose of, you earn points and ris in rank, plus get coins which can be used to buy ammo, and other handy items like mines, time bombs and shields.

In addition to other players, you can also vent your explosive talents on the local wild life (which can indeed get pretty wild), or on robots wandering the maps, robots whose first directive is to harm human beings as often as possible. Fortunately, upon death players are just kicked back to the safe zone, so of letting your murderous instincts have full play won't be doing any lasting harm to anyone else's game.

Despite all the rampant disregard for human life, the game boast a friendly, if homicidal community quite ready to help new players out with the murdering, and with achievements to earn and even single player challenge maps to try out, not to mention all those animals, robots and other players to slay, there's always something to do..

With high quality sounds, a large world to explore and absorbing background music, not to mention a detailed set of 2d controls involving mouse, joystick and numerous customisation options, partly thanks to the same engine that created Tomb hunter dangerous though the world of bloodstorm is, anyone who fancies a bit of 2-dimensional murder and mayhem would do well to check it out.


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