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Bop it Ultimate

title:Bop it Ultimate
download page:link
genre:Rhythm action games
developer:Lighttech interactive
last edit by:Pitermach


Bop it ultimate is Lighttech's computer adaptation of the hand held electronic rhythm game, ---- with entirely new sounds and voices and a few extras thrown in for good measure.

As with the hand held game, Try and press the buttons and keep in rhythm when you here the sound or voice , in order to wrack up as many points as possible without panicking and messing up.

the game not only features an additional key to the standard bop it, twist it, pull it, spin it, flick it commands; push it, but also has the ability to connect to another player for 1 on 1 internet bop it duelling, and a highly nasty new mode entitled Trick bop just intended to mess with your sense of timing and fair play, and even a special bonus shooting game should you be lucky and skilled enough to find.

As with the hand held game, several options of play are open such as a choice between voice or beat bop, and the choice of a male, female, or both voices for the game.

One important difference between bop it ultimate and the hand held game is that it is absolutely free! so why not check it out.

Though Lighttech's site has vanished from the internet, the fantastic audiogames archive has fortunately preserved all their software, plus This audio dependencies package, which might be of help if your having trouble running Lighttech's games on modern windows.


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