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Build a spaceship

title:Build a spaceship
download page:No link!
genre:Incremental games
developer:HevipelleAntimatter Dimensions
platform:Online, web browser
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Build a spaceship is an incremental game in which you get to; build a spaceship. Start by buying parts for your ship such as wings, ship and rockets, and then set out for the nearest exoplanet. For each meatre you travel, your given a certain amount of cash. Miner upgrades to your ship's wings, rockets and body are possible in flight, but to install completely knew parts you'll need go back to earth (though fortunately your return is instantaneous). Make it all the way to your exoplanet, and you can found a colony full of refugees (who you can instantly start exploiting for cash). This cash means your next trip out into space, even though it means going to a more distant planet won't be so arduous and you can buy those bigger and badder spaceship parts all the sooner, and so get further, perhaps even achieving some of hidden goals the game has. .

Playing the game is extremely easy. Use the "your ship" tab to see how much cash your getting, and then use the buttons to upgrade. Helpfully each button tells you how much the upgrades or new parts cost, though be sure to check the 1-5 etc next to each ship part upgrade to let you know when it might be time to touch back down on earth to put your ship in for a refit.

The other buttons that lead to the statistics or achievements should be very self explanatory.

Best of all, the game is entirely %100 free to play.

Happy flying!


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