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download page:link
license:open source
genre:Adventure Games
developer:Braille soft
platform:Windows, Dos and pacmate
last edit by:Dark


Camel is a simple adventure game in which you are crossing a 200 mile desert on your trusty Camel. You must manage resources such as the speed at which you travel and when to drink, and must also look out for oases and other things that will help you on your way, ------ especially since the Cannibal pygmies who inhabbit the desert would like nothing better than to roast you for lunch, ----- and they stand between you and safety.

This is a doss application which has been slightly modified to run under windows and on Pacmate, and also comes with euphoria code files for modifying the game. Though most doss programs don't run well under windows Xp, despite using a Doss style console window the game will run fine. jaws 6 users should use the Jaws curser to read the window, or change the screen echo to all. hal users can either use the Virtual focusto read the window, switching back to live focus to type in commands, or, ----- for best results, once the program is running, change the map used for that program to the "console window" map to have all text spoken without any need for the Vf.

Note that though braillesoft are no longer around, the game is hosted curtesy of the very fantastic audiogames archive.


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