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Circus masters revenge

title:Circus masters revenge
download page:No link!
genre:Action Games
developer:Joe Quirk
release:August, 2019
features:text, sound
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Many people have fond memories of Somethinelse's classic Ios title Audio defense, zombie arena. Though Somethinelse's games are sadly no longer available, Mentalvision games and Joe quirk have stepped in to fill the void very nicely, stepped in what's more wearing large floppy clown slippers.

The game begins as you, an unsuspecting blind man, are happily taking a daily walk, fancying some popcorn and hearing circus music you decide to stop in for a snack. Unfortunately, this will prove the worst decision of your life, since you quickly find yourself chained up, captive of the insane circus master, Fortunately, the circus master has a sense of fair play, so even though he's quite happy to watch his array of circus freaks maul you to death, he will at least give you the chance to defend yourself. Defend yourself well enough and you might just impress him into taking you onto a round the world tour, reviving the famed old gladiator tradition as crowds pay to watch you battle it out with the poss of insane clowns in the big top itself. Do well enough and the circus master might just reward you with tokens and tickets you can use to raise your stats or upgrade your equipment, however fail in your task, and you might just find out how nightmarish clowns truly are.

As in Zombie arena, Circus master's revenge has a unique control method. Stand and turn towards the oncoming circus freaks, and then tap to blast them away with your firearms, or swipe the screen to use a melee weapon when they get close enough. Some challenges require you to survive a given amount of time, others require you to slay a certain number of clowns, and of course for every challenge completed, you'll earn tokens which can be used to buy weapon upgrades, or improve your statistics.

The game is entirely free to play, and contains so far, two chapters with a number of levels in each, with more chapters on the horizon. However, if you want to contribute to the game, you can always buy a bundle of tokens with real money, just remember to login to the game using either it's inbuilt keyboard to access email, or your facebook account to save your progress. Since tokens are also the way you revive yourself should you fall pray to the circus hoards mid level, you'll obviously be needing quite a few of them. Fortunately, the game also includes a regular daily wheel, which lets you spin to win some extra tokens, if you don't fancy donating to the game.

With circus and crowd ambience, a truly nasty circus master (who certainly doesn't follow political correctness when it comes to blind people), and a host of truly nasty monsters to take your frustrations out on, if you've ever wanted a fun way to exact clown murder and test your reactions in audio, this is it.

As always with Ios releases you can check out The games' page on Applevis here

beware of the clowns!


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