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Clok is a very diverse and unique fantasy themed mud set in a region called the Lost Lands on the continent of Arad. The Lost Lands is a region where previously a great plague decimated the human population, and which is now under quarrenteen, but still humans have started to return, carving a life in the wilderness and beating back the dark and malevolent creatures such as the dangerous Resen spawn and the creatures infested with them. The Lost lands is also home to privateers, woodsmen and women, skilled crafters, fierce mercenaries and religious orders, all trying to survive and thrive in a vast and largely untracked hinterland.

If you hear the word "fantasy" and instantly expect a medeaval world of kings, knights and wizards, you would be highly mistaken. If anything, the world of Clok more closely resembles the wild west, sinse you can have weaponry from swords to guns, and rather than kings and kingdoms the game is mostly made up of fronteer towns and small hamlets in a huge and wild land. As well as a very detailed world and history, another thing that distinguishes Clok is it's diverse range of activities. Rather than characters gaining skill points or similar, characters need to actually pperform activities in order to become proficient at them. Also, each activity in the game from crafting to hunting is designed to be both realistic and highly engaging. To make a campfire for example you can't just gather firewood and then light the fire, you first have to forage for a number of dry branches, then either break or chop the smaller ones into kindling, forage for tinder, make the hole lot into a fire teepee, and then light with your firestones, oh and of course remember to add fuel to the campfire when needed. This means that even the smaller and less consequencial activities in the game are very rewarding to perform, particularly when your catching and cooking your own fish (not to mention using herbs to give them a nice flavour), carving, fletching and sharpening your own arrows, or felling trees in order to carve into a hole range of useful objects from furniture to trinkits.

You can make pots, hunt for creatures and tan their hides then learn the arts of taylering, mine for metals and then smelt the ore and forge various items, learn cookery or the medical skills of herbcraft, plant crops or try your hand at trading. Of course, there is also combat, against brigands and wild creatures, or against the far worse forces of the infested.

The game is also wonderfully open ended, with a great balance of roleplay and activities. For example though there are many different organizations to join in the game that give you unique powers and tasks to perform, from the scheming mages of the Rook parlour to the brawling brothers of the fist or the fierce wildlings of the Dwaedn Wyr, you don't just choose which to belong to by ticking a box on a character sheet, you need to either actively discover them or ask other characters how to become accepted, and when you do this or indeed if you prefer to go without a guild is entirely up to you.

The game's attention to detail and realism is quite astounding, you not only need to eat and drink, but also be careful of cold and exposure, and combat doesn't just lose you hitpointes but cause you actual injuries which will need doctoring.

The game has several useful settings for screen reader users, which will be explained during the tutorial after you create a character. Some of the most noteable include the ability to have an alternative to ascii on the game's maps, and to replace in game ascii colour indicators with descriptions of those colours, you can also decide on how brief you want various in game messages to be, there is also some handy info in the Mapping entry on the Clok Wiki to help you in navigation. One thing to remember though, is that particularly for mapping, directions in the game are kept vague for everyone, indeed maps can only be used at a recognizeable landmark because the wilderness is intended to be large, still if you get entirely lost other players are always willing to help, indeed Clok features one of the most welcoming and friendly communities scene in any mud, whether in or out of character.

The game is entirely %100 free to play, though you can make a donation if you wish to support development.

As with all muds, you'll need a mud client such as Vipmud or Mushclient to connect , use the address clok.contrarium.net Port 4000.

For more information, see the Clok wiki on the above site which has lots of handy tips on all the game's activities, and also try the Clok forum though note to create an account you'll need to get the password from the mud itself.

Clok soundpack.

In a similar vane to Alter aeon Forum member and huge Clok fan Mata, along with Sneak and several others have created a stand alone MushZ style soundpack for Clok which comes with full background music and sound effects as well as aliases. The above link will download a stand alone version of the pack which will function as a separate program, however for those who want to install their own along side MushZ for Alteraeon or Mushclient, you can Download the MushZ dependent version here Just be certain to consult the readme to see how to install it.

Any further questions or feedback on the soundpack for Clok please check This topic in our forum

With a great many activities, none of which are fire and forget, realistic and highly engaging systems for everything from cooking to magic to combat, a beautifully described and detailed world with it's own history, not to mention an extremely helpful bunch of other players, Clok has something for everyone. Whether your an experienced mudder or are entirely new to this type of game, the friendly atmosphere and great world of Clok is one not to be missed.


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