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Compilation 1

title:Compilation 1
download page:link
release:July, 2019
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


compilation 1 is a collection of four audiogame projects created by Freeman69, both to test out some concepts in audiogame creation, and to have fun with some small, challenging games in a number of different genres. Though not as complex as the likes of New horizons the games are all in their own way unique, with well thought out mechanics and a tough difficulty curve that will keep you coming back for more each time. The games include:

  • Cavern quest: Playing as one of King Arthur's knights condemned to a cursed sleep, Venture into a maze of caverns populated by insects in this top down adventure/rpg. Find items from magic crystals, to potions, weapons and armour, as well as the expected dungeon doors and keys, also utilise a unique combat system featuring combinations of keys used to launch a variety of attacks from karate kicks to magical spells (practice with the dueling keys file), though don't use the same attack too often, and take care because some enemies might be immune to some forms of attack.
  • Classic space invaders; if your now saying "oh no, not another audio space invaders game," then be aware this version has a number of unique features. Firstly, like the arcade original, the entire swarm is present on screen, and you'll have to work fast to pick them all off. Secondly, don't assume that just because an enemy is above you you can just blast away and expect to hit it. Your shots after all take time to get from ground to air, and the invaders won't just stay still and wait to be blasted, indeed these particular aliens move around quite a bit, so you'll need to practice your aiming and shooting, and use your turbo laser powerups with care.
  • Airlift: Pilot your hellicopter into hazardous teretory to rescue stranded civilians in this side scrolling action game. Negotiate around turbines, high towers and electricity pylons to find the houses (denoted by sounds of birds and barking dogs). Land and pick up civilians then take them to safety at the church. Later levels include endless swarms of tanks trying to blow you up, , a kamikaze aeroplane pilot determined to ram you, and even a visit from some curious space invaders who've left their own game to hassle you.. .
  • Motorbike circuit: Grab your hog and see how fast a time you can get on one of these four killer race tracks, featuring figure of eight tracks and a variety of bends to trip you up. Listen out for the sound of the middle road line, and the gravel beside the road, also don't slam into too many barriers, and remember to use your breaks and gears well, since while crashing won't kill you, it won't do your completion time much good either.

all four of the games output to Jaws, nvdA, system access or Sapi, plus several use Sapi during the game (Cavern quest does in combat). The games also keep their own saved files of previous high scores so you've always got something to aim at. All games use the keyboard keys, EG a s D and w to move, however keys can be customised with the "redefine keys.exe" file. Similarly, there is an over all readme for the pack as a hole, as well as Readmes for each game which provide all the details needed to play. As an extra treat, The games are all also entirely free.

Though the soundscapes are fairly sparse, what sounds exist provide more than enough atmosphere and information, such as the grizzly insect sounds in Cavern quest, and with a very strong challenge factor, addictive gameplay and mechanics that will take work to master, this is definitely a treat for serious gamers everywhere.


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