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release:1996, Ongoing
features:text, sound
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It is the 27th century. Humanity has explored much of the galaxy, encountering several alien races, building new forms of life and colonising many planets. New technology however does not change humanity's basic nature, and thus greed for resources and wealth is as insatiable as ever, with megacoorporations spanning the stars eager to exploit new markets and materials.

Hermes 571-G is a colony on the outer edge of human space, a colony established for one thing, and one thing only, prophet. Though a harsh and inhospitable world with dangerous native life forms, the planet informally known as the Core contains some of the richest mineral wealth found in the galaxy, leading to the establishment of a large scale mining operation, where humans, cyborgs, aliens and others are all equal in their search for wealth.

Coremud is a unique, text based world in the far future. Choose to play as a human (of several varieties), or as an alien race including the feline Blit, the rowdy Vaurgch or the aggressive Abernon, and try to make a life for yourself in this hostile environment.

The game features a number of activities to do. Firstly, this is a mining colony, so expect to do a lot of; well, mining! Head down into the bowels of the Core, laser drill in hand to extract valuable minerals. With a number of different minerals to find, the chance to expand your mining skill into ever more prophetable mines, the need to join a mining ship, and even environmental touches such as the need to wear air filters or risk coughing, repair and recharge your drill, and of course look around underground for those valuable motherloads, mining has never felt this realistic.

mining however is only the start. The core is a dangerous place, and as such you'll find everything from giant insects to dangerous native life forms ready to tear chunks off you. Fortunately, the company gives it's miners the ability to protect themselves, since carrying guns or energy knives is not only legal, but recommended, and of course a little of that ore you mine can always be used to forge new weapons and armour.

Another major aspect to Coremud is questing, since the mining colony is a very large place, with a number of people who might have work for a new immigrant, whether it's tracking down a disgruntled employee for the complaints department, getting rid of a vermin infestation, or even just finding a certain amount of items, there is always a new job that needs doing, and usually one that comes with a lucrative reward.

Speaking of rewards, the game has a very unique attitude to economy, with most items being built by players, and even the need to get basic services, such as recharging your weapons or buying of healing items, done by other players rather than the company as a hole. Indeed, at higher levels you can buy your own mining dome, install your own shops and even start your own independent mining projects.

Another unique addition to the game is it’s skills system, since you can improve your skills and your character’s statistics by both using them, or by spending experience, meaning that those who like to learn on the job should feel at home here.

with the chance to build a huge number of items, wander the planet’s surface, and even kick back and enjoy a range of diversions from gambling to a collectable tile based battle game, for a grungy mining colony, the core is a surprisingly lively place.

Accessibility in the game is not merely present, but has been made an absolutely major priority by the games’ coders, (who can indeed be found as members of the audiogames.net forum, with a huge amount of attention spent on major, and miner tweaks to the interface. To get started remember to type setenv screenreader on when you enter the game, to have a variety of the game’s screens, including the score, status, inventory, and other displays output in a more screen reader friendly format than the default. Also note the customisable prompts, the ability to turn off ascii maps (use setenve nooutsidemap on), and to even get directions around the rather large mining colony in a handy format, though Core is a complex world with much to learn, a lot of effort is being expended to make sure the interface isn’t one of them.

The game also features a lively community, with both in character roleplaying for those who wanted, or indeed channels to just shoot the breeze. Combine this with the unique player shops system, admins who are more than happy to help if your stuck in the game (don't ask for quest hints on public channels, but feel free to send a message to an admin if you're stuck), and a complex resource based economy, and you have the recipe for a very immersive world to get lost in.

To begin your life on Core, point your favourite mud client to www.coremud.org, port 4000.

Happy mining.


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