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Corruption of champions 2

title:Corruption of champions 2
download page:link
genre:Adult Games XXX
platform:Web browser, Windows, Android
release:2018, Ongoing.
features:text, visuals
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Corruption of champions 2 is (unsurprisingly), the sequel to Corruption of Champions. It has been a year since the champion of Ingam defeated Lethice, ending her domination over the twisted world of Mareth. In another world however, the world of Savarra, monsters rove the wilds, nights are dark, and the demonic taint is spreading, and when an injured cat girl stumbles into an inn in the village of Hawkethorne, her sister having been carried off by a cult who plan to sacrifice her, it seems that quite literally all hell is about to break loose.

Thus begins a new role playing, erotic oddecy, with marauding demons, lustful harpies, and your character set against an extra dimensional evil.

As with the first game, note that corruption of Champions 2, though very much a detailed rpg does have a decidedly off colour theme, with regular ravishing occurring both in and out of combat, (especially to the losers), the chance to see your body change under various transformative influences, and a world full of inhabitants who range from open mindedly exchanging sexual favours, to out and out lechery, so the game isn't recommended to underaged people or those easily offended.

also like the first game however, indeed possibly even more so, Corruption of champions 2 is a huge game with complex role playing mechanics, a fully formed class system that lets you not just choose your character at the beginning of the game, from beguiling seducer, to noble white wizard, to mighty warrior, but also have the freedom to advance in different classes, chop and change a large number of different powers, and in general very much play in a way that best suits you.

As with the original corruption of champions, combat can end both when you reduce your opponent's hitpoints to zero, or when you raise their lust to such a level that they become too distracted to fight. Unlike in the first game however, as well as attacking or teasing your opponent, now you can use a variety of powers to bring down your enemies, ranging from passive buffs, to powers with a cool down timer, to powers that can only be employed once per combat.

The two most major changes in the game, are with the exploration system, and with combat. Since corruption of champions 2 features a multi character system, with several companions to recruit along the journey, from an open minded cat girl priestess with healing powers, to a burly minotaur warrior, a hermaphroditic orc, or an alluring kitsune. Choose to have either the computer control your ally's actions, or to control them directly yourself. Combine this with your own ability to chop and change power sets, equip and craft a range of different items, brew alchemical potions to control your bodily transformations, and create just the type of hero you want, and tactical possibilities are nearly endless.

The second major change is with exploration, since as well as hitting that "explore" button and trying out random encounters, the game also lets you move in the four cardinal compass directions, giving some sections of the game almost the feel of a mud or interactive fiction game.

All of this complexity does come with something of a learning curve where the interface is concerned. First, it is recommended to click on the "menu" button, and select the screen reader compatible mode, which simplifies the interface a little, and adds a skip button for some graphical puzzles at parts of the game. The settings to remove hotkey labels on buttons, and to change the time display to a simple digital readout might also be helpful.

While the game is played in web pages, most of the interactions with standard controls occur by hitting buttons, or clicking on in game hotspots. This is useful in access terms, since the labels for buttons will change to "dis", when the button is unusable, EG when in a room with only an east exit, the other directional buttons will read "dis north", "dis south", etc. Unfortunately, since the game has a lot of buttons (many of which are disabled), learning the pages well, and utilising your screen reader's various functions can often speed up gameplay, for example, making use , the easiest way to view item descriptions in either the inventory or in a shop, is to click on the name of an item, then hit "s", to go to the next separator on the webpage with your screen reader, then use "b" to skip to the buttons such as buy, or equip. This system is also used for equipping different powers to your character, as well as putting items into storage. Other helpful screen reader functions include using the placemaker function in Jaws navigating by graphics, or using NVDA's find function to speed up navigation.

Though the game employs mouseover information occasionally, it's always possible to get this information another way, for example, to find out what powers a character (either enemy or friend), has, just click on the bullets beneath their name and class , then read the bottom of the page, you can even use a search function when looking through powers in the game's journal (helpful, since your characters can acquire a lot of powers). Indeed, though the game is a complex one , navigating the interface shouldn't present too many problems, initially complex though the interface might seem to be.

As with the first game, corruption of champions 2 is entirely free to play, however the developer accepts monthly donations through Patrion, which you can find here. Donating to the game will (among other things), give you access to the latest updates a month sooner, as well as let you use the in game cloud storage for saving your characters, rather than having to save locally.

aditional resources

The above download link will download the windows port of the game, or you can play the game directly online. The android port may be found here, while anyone who wants to tangle with playing the game on Steam can Do so here

For any questions, including spoilers you can Visit the corruption of champions 2 wiki, or visit The corruption of champions 2 forum, a subforum on the website of Fenoxo, developer of the first game.

With a huge amount of quests, some surprisingly detailed characters, various choices about how to continue the story, and of course the choice to either be noble hero corrupt, and a world which is if anything larger and a little less overwhelmingly sexualised than that of the first game, as well as some great accessibility fixes by the games' developer, Corruption of champions 2 is a must play for any Rpg fan who doesn't mind the at times still rather stormy content, and with more quests, more locations and further steps in the game's epic story to come, diving into this strange, and often disturbing world will likely grow even more rewarding in the future.


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