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Crazy party

title:Crazy party
download page:link
release:May 2016
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Crazy Party, the first original game by French Developer Pragma, author of the highly successful Crazy mod for Sound rts is not one, but two rather unique styles of game stuck together in one truly enormous package.

The first can best be described as arcade gaming in overdrive. Based upon the idea of the popular mainstream Mario Party series, the Adventure mode has the player traverse a number of worlds from the peaceful valley to the dangerous factory. This involves travel along a map hitting the arrow keys to move north south east or west. Intermittently, you will find yourself running across minigames. These are small two or three minute challenges, usually in an arcade style though occasionally with brain teasers or puzzles, some played as side scrollers left to right with the arrows, some as top down run around games where you use up and down arrows to move north and south, some just asking questions with the number row , (you'll be given instructions including what keys to use and what sounds it uses before you play each minigame). The first game for example requires you to run left and aright with the arrows to protect a wandering duck from falling rain, others can involve estimating the time of a burning fuse before a bomb goes off, entering a mazelike ant colony to retrieve some pheromones without getting eaten by giant ants, or even mathematical problems performed to a rhythm. With a good enough score in each minigame you can progress along the map earning coins, perhaps finding secret boxes with bonuses along the way or finding routes to unlock other worlds (each map usually unlocks more than one world. Of course, if you fail at a game you'll lose coins, and if you run out of coins you'll need to start each map again. If you score particularly well at a given minigame however, you will not only pass it and gain a lot of coins, but also unlock it for online play

This is where the real "party!" aspect of the game comes in. Once you've unlocked ten minigames, you can start a server online or connect to other players for competitive challenges. Choose to play the minigames "in serenity" ie, the same way as when playing in the adventure mode, or "in competition" ie, rules such as the first to the end of a side scrolling section wins ending the game for everyone. Also, wrong foot your opponents by using the joker which lets you skip a minigame and play a short microgame instead hunting a ruby, (hold J when the minigame is selected), and play with the special bonuses where bonus points are awarded after the tournament for several things such as collecting most rubies in microgames or main games, walking the most steps, dying fewest times and various other fun little comparisons. Of course, it wouldn't be a competition if there wasn't anything at steak. If you do well enough in competitive games (or even whilst playing in single player), you can earn gems, experience and permanent coins. Gems can be used in the rewards room to buy access to an unlock world where you may try to unlock any minigames you've not completed, chances to replay minigames or launch a solo party, or the chance to unlock extra options for both battle and minigame mode, or even play the minigames in the more difficult hard core mode. The rewards room is also where you buy different boards to play on since that is yet another way you can enjoy minigames, by playing them as part of a dice rolling board adventure with other people or against the computer, where landing on certain squares wins or loses coins, banks coins up for the next person to land there, or of course leads to minigame challenges.

In addition to minigame or board challenges, you can also play a smaller microgame party, in which you play six short, intense little ruby collecting challenges against your friends (be prepared to test your quick reactions and judgement skills).

The arcade gaming and minigames however is only the first half of Crazy party. The second half also gives you the chance to compete against the computer or against other people online in a very different type of game, a ccg or collectible card game battle. By selecting battle from the main menu you will find yourself challenged to defeat a number of gyms of different elemental types one after another such as normal, fighting, grass, ghost and dragon, in some ways referencing the popular pokemon series of games although note that the mechanics of the battles in crazy party are very different. Starting with six cards in the hand and each turn playing and discarding one, The objective of the game is to reduce your opponent's hitpoints to zero before she/he gets all yours by playing attacks. Each card of a given element you play, or each time you have three cards of a given element in your hand, increases your level in that element, allowing you to play different and stronger cards. There isn't however just damage involved since effects such as putting your opponent to sleep, poisoning or scorching them, decreasing their accuracy or the power of either their physical or special attacks are all possible strategies, as is increasing your own effectiveness, by for example playing a rain environment card to make your water attacks stronger, or having a parry card in your hand to give your opponent a nasty surprise when she/he attacks you. Also note that elemental weaknesses play a major part in the game, and so if you attack one element with a weaker one you will find yourself doing less well, while stronger elements such as attacking fire with water will be far more effective. This system of weaknesses of course means that it's not just a question of playing the best card in each given situation, but also of building yourself a deck to take care of different types of battles. Each Gym you defeat rewards you with 5 cards of that gym's element, (so you'll need to defeat all the opponents in a gym several times to get them all). Use the "manage decs" option from the main menu to create a deck and choose which cards from a list you want in that deck, you can then select that deck when starting a new gym. (you can also modify your decks by editing text files if you prefer).

The objective in the battle game is of course not just to defeat all the gyms, but also to fight in online battles against a number of human opponents. In these battles, multiple players compete, throwing cards at each other until there is one winner, and of course with more players on the table there are even more chances for elemental weaknesses and strengths to come into play. Alternatively, for those of a less combative nature, try competitive battles in which you and several friends take on a team of computer opponents together. Though the card battles and the arcade style minigames are largely separate entities, you still win similar rewards for being victorious in an online card battle, and of course you can choose to combine cards and minigames into one massive online challenge fest. You can even spectate on currently occurring battles with the F3 key.

As well as battling through the gyms or taking on online opponents, why not build up a collection of bots by playing through maps rpg style. Take a dec of cards and journey through a quest mode, encountering different enemies who will challenge you to battles. Beat enough enemies and you'll unlock bots usable in online team or cooperative battles, however be careful since your damage doesn't replenish after each round.

Crazy party outputs to Nvda, Window eyes, System access, Jaws (though read the instructions on the webpage about how to set the game with jaws), or can be self voicing with Ms sapi. It can also be played in English, Spanish, Arabic, Serbian, Russian and brazilian Portuguese, or in the original French, just choose the language at start up (German and likely other translations are also in the works, and you can go here for the French version of the webpage, Here for the Spanish version of the webpage, or Here for the Portuguese page. The game is also (surprisingly for such a truly huge game), entirely free.

additional resources

Jeff Rutkowski has provided This menu guide and description on his website, which might be useful for people trying to check all the cards and minigames available.

Another extensive crazy party resource, with information about minigames, and battle cards along with information about strategy can be Found here on the Black screen gaming website

With over 130 minigames in 13 unique worlds to challenge you, which range from fast action, to mazes, to brain teasers or puzzles, around 2000 cards spread over 18 gyms with multiple opponents, and several different boards to buy and play on (all with their own unique minigames), even the single player mode of Crazy Party is a huge and extremely addictive game and one it'll take a long while to complete. Add on to this the party aspect and the chance to challenge friends online, boosted by a classic and thumping game soundtrack (one which often references famous mainstream games of the past), atmospheric, and often fun sound effects for all in game events, and you have one gigantic bundle of fun.

Whether you're a casual arcade gamer looking for the next great take in arcade games, a hardcore collector bent on unlocking everything, a competition junky wanting to show off your skills in online matches, or a complete strategist, you'll find something appealing in Crazy party, indeed this is one game which is heartily recommended to pretty much everyone!


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