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Crime Hunter

title:Crime Hunter
download page:link
genre:Side Scroller
developer:Mason Armstrong
release:February 2019
last edit by:Dark


Like its predecessor Tomb hunter, Crime hunter is a side scrolling game of intensive action. Where tomb hunter however concentrated on finding your way through underground tombs, solving puzzles and gathering lost treasures, Crime hunter takes a rather more head on approach

When a sudden crime wave and rash of robberies hit the city, the obvious thing to do is to grab a knife, head out onto the streets and do what you can dispose of the huge army of rather insane thugs populating the area. This of course means trecking through numerous locations including a forest, and various levels of a deadly hidden fortress, gathering weapons such as a knife, sword and machine gun, punching and kicking and murdering your way to success.

Unfortunately, easy to slay thugs aren't the only thing in your path. Cars full of hoods trying to run you down or riddle you with bullets, hellicopters flying in more thugs, deadly spikes, fire pits and bombs, with each level presenting a new type of hazard you can never be sure what you'll run into next.

Like Tomb hunter the game is a true side scroller, with a camera you can move around by holding down the g key (use the d key to read about what your currently focused on). Your character's movement is also somewhat fine tuned, with your running speed increasing as you take more steps, and your ability to jump affected by what surface your walking on as well as your health. This means despite being an initially simple game to understand, execution is often a little more complicated.

The game is absolutely free to download and play, with a full ten levels waiting to challenge you. For A donation of £5 however, you can not only unlock the hole game instantly, but also get access to an extra endless mode where you'll be faced with an ever increasing hoard of enemies, along with traps and hazards, and task with surviving for as long as you can.

With a rather loopy story, insane action, but addictive gameplay, this is definitely one for those who want a well made, quick and classic arcade game.

Good hunting.


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