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Cyber assault

title:Cyber assault
download page:No link!
developer:Cyber assault team
release:1994, ongoing
last edit by:Dark


In an alternate timeline in the year 2000, humanity was devastated by a massive nuclear war. As the survivors exit their shelters 100 years later they find a vastly changed world. Cities are now crumbling urban sprawls where violence is a way of life, the wilderness is a hideous wasteland populated by radiation mutated monsters, and portals have opened to alien worlds beyond hours revealing horizons of new horror and challenge.

Welcome to Cyber assault, a uniquely themed rpg set in a dark post apocalyptic world. New players will begin at High point, where you can learn the game undertake a few quests, but quickly progress onto the game's main hub at Mo town. from here where you go is only determined by your imagination and skill. Journey out into space, cross the wrong side of the tracks to deal with gang violence, or even take on zones based on popular culture from the ninja turtles to resident evil.

Though like most fantasy themed games you will find yourself fighting off monsters, training your stats and combat skills and improving your gear as you undertake many different quests, Cyber assault has some fairly significant differences. One of these is a full array of fire arms, lasers, explosives, bionic implants and other technological tools of destruction as well as the more normal fantasy swords and armour to enhance your character's fighting skills. Another are the unique array of classes available for your character. The mercenary, a fighter for higher skilled in melee and ranged weapons though also able to use some basic psionic abilities, the stalker, a sly assassin and master of stealth attacks, the predator, alien warriors with powerful armour and weapons who live only for the hunt, the crazy, master of psionics and unlocking the destructive potential of the mind, the borg, who have given their humanity over in favour of devastating cybernetic implants, the caller, who can bend mutated creatures to do their will in battle and the highlander, immortals skilled in the sword but who risk a devastating death if they are beheaded too many times.

Another significant part of Cyber assault is it's equipment. As well as installing bionic implants and utilising skills, you can dismantle objects to fabricate new items, items which can themselves grow in experience and level with your characters.

With hundreds of quests to find, the chance to craft and modify weapons and armour, random item collection quests each hour, and a massive world to explore, there is always plenty to do, especially since once you've reached level 40 with one class you can remort and begin again as another with enhanced stats, or try your first class in a number of specialised sub class paths.

In terms of Vi access, the toggle blind command will remove some of the more long winded spam, and you can also set how descriptions in battle are displayed, as well as customise your prompt to show just the information you want.

With a friendly community, frequent updates, occasional seasonal events you will never find yourself short of something to do in Cyber assault.

To connect, just point your favourite mud client at cyberassault.org port 11111.

As well as the in game help system, you can also access useful information on The cyber assault wiki found here

For more information about the game, including the chance to vote and read reviews you can check out the cyber assault page on mud connector


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