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Damage extreme

title:Damage extreme
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Game madness interactive
release:March 2011
last edit by:Dark


Damage extreme is another big, loud and explosive game from the group of developers calling themselves Game madness interactive. At some future time, the United nations base is undersiege from a powerful and distinctly unpleasant military organization called the Black coats. As is usual in these sorts of situations, you play the part of the lone gunner defending the base from an endless wave of Black Coat troops, tanks, helicopters and planes, attempting to hold out against the overwhelming odds for as long as possible. The game is however rather different to the standard sterrio targiting affair you might imagine, sinse instead of targiting each individual enemy with sterrio positioning, you need to hit the keyboard keys in rows left to right according to where the enemy is. For instance, if a tank is on the far left you'd press the A key, where as if it was in the center you'd need to fire with G, and if at the far right you'd need semicolon. This is further complicated by the need to use different weapons for the different types of enemies. The bottom row from z to slash activates your shells for dealing with enemy infantry, the middle from a to semicolon is your machine guns for enemy tanks, the top from q to p activates your missiles for helicopters, and the top row of numbers from 1 to zero activates your rocket powered missiles for enemy bombers.

This makes for a very frantic game, in which you need to stay well ontop of the action, particularly because your base does not have infinite amo, and you'll find yourself needing to reload occasionally or even call amo trucks from the main Un compound to resupply you.

As well as the usual high score accumulating you'd expect in an arcade game playable on a number of rather sarcastically named difficulties, persistance in playing can be rewarded with a variety of medels that also serve to unlock minigames.

The game is self voicing with ms sapi meaning no screen reader is necessary to play, though as it was created with the free version of Bgt see index page, you'll need that installed in order to run it. Also be warned that Damage extreme does contain some strong language.

Despite a fairly casual approach to much of the games writing, the rather humerous gunhoe atmosphere is deffinately unique, and the gameplay does offer a fairly interesting twist on the usual arcade blasting tradition.

For anyone who likes going berserk with big guns and big explosions, this may well be a fun game to check out.

Since the current status of Game madness interactive and their games is uncertain, The above links lead to the appropriate pages on Thee Audiogames Archive site where Game madness games are hosted.


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