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Danger on the wheel

title:Danger on the wheel
download page:link
license:open source
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Oriol gaming zone
release:September 2015
last edit by:Dark


Danger on the wheel is a driving experience fit to give any self respecting motoring instructor nightmares for life, since the object here isn't to carefully drive your way threading in and out of traffic cones, but career around as fast as you can trying to knock all the cones down. Similarly to the classic Super Deakout The game is played in a closed in arena surrounded by walls.

In the game, drive your car around with the arrow keys trying to finish each level by knocking down all the cones, particularly those that give coin bonuses while avoiding slamming into the walls and not running out of fuel, think this sounds simple? Well give it a try and just see how mad your driving skills are, particularly when in later levels the arena gets peppered by randomly appearing holes, bullets flying around trying to blow up your car, and some time bombs ticking away and ready to explode and blow you to kingdom come. As to fuel, no problem, just run yourself over the G A and S switches to get a boost, provided you can hit them all in order of course.

Fortunately, you can use those coins you find mysteriously placed on traffic cones to purchice bonuses in the shop which might be of help to you. These include a turbo boost activated with the Z key, handy for speeding away from explosive situations, and a bullet shield with the space bar which you might find helpful should you be menaced by sudden in coming fire.

With a classic arcade soundtrack and authentic 8 bit ambience, fast action gameplay and the chance to wrack up a high score, you'll be looking around for a slot to put your coins into, though fortunately enough the game is absolutely free, and is for the most part self voicing (though your screen reader or microsoft Sapi is used to read some information like level numbers).

Created with The blastbay game toolkit The game now is abandonware. Furthermore, since antivirus programs read anything made with Bgt as a virus, you'll need to add an exception to windows defender in order to play the game. Though Oriol only now provides source code versions of his BGt projects on the above page, the audiogames archive do have a fully compiled version of the game, which can be downloaded at the above link.

For more about Oriol Gomez and his games, see The oriol gaming zone page on the audiogames archive site

Drive carefully, ---- or not.


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