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Dark defender

title:Dark defender
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
platform:Windows, Mac, web browser
release:June 2017
last edit by:Dark


Dark defender is on the one hand a familiar concept to audio game players, being a remake of an old Atari classic, on the other it is something quite different. As the name suggests, it is a remake of the classic defender. As in the original fly around, up down left and right in a 2d perspective over the surfaces of planets being invaded by nasty alien abductor ships. As the name suggests, these abductor's goal is to snatch the poor defenceless astronauts wandering the planets' rocky surfaces. As the mission's air support, your aim is to blast the abductors away before this happens, whilst not getting shot yourself. Should an abductor manage to grab an astrnaught and make it all the way to the top of the level, it'll become tougher and gain rapid fire abilities. Fortunately, you can stop this from happening by blasting the aliens first, though should they be carrying a prisoner, you'll need to move quickly to grab the victim before they fall to their doom.

The game has a rather unique perspective for an audiogame, since whilst you fly a spaceship, you fight in 2d. This means that you can move up, down left and right with the arrows, and accelerate and decelerate your ship, however in order to blast the aliens, you need to be to the side of them. This creates a complex game of audio dodging, quick fire action, and a lot of helpless astronauts meeting unfortunate ends.

With power ups to collect, a mothership boss every two levels, and a pretty high difficulty curve, this is definitely a game that will bring back all that fast action eighties nostalgia.

Another rather unique thing about Dark defender, is the platform it's released on. Like Cyclee path, the game can be played entirely online in a web browser, though it will output to NvdA, Sapi or voiceover. So, whilst the above link will download the windows version and The Mac version can be found here, The quickest way to get blasting is to Play it directly in your browser right here

Happy blasting.


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