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Deal or no deal

title:Deal or no deal
download page:link
genre:Traditional games
developer:Nathan Tech
release:April, 2018
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


Deal or no deal was a simple nerve racking game show popular in the Uk and US, which you can now play from the comfort of your PC thanks to Nathantech. The principle is simple. There are 22 boxes. each with different amounts of money in ranging from fifty pence, to five pounds, ten pounds, right up to a massive quarter of a million pounds. The catch however is that nobody is sure which amount of cash is in which box. At the start of the game the contestant is given a box, then must choose to open a number of boxes each round. aFter each round, the vindictive banker will the contestant an amount of money in return for the contents of the box they've picked. Obviously, since nobody is sure which cash is where, the object is through deduction, luck and good strategy to walk away with the best deal possible.

The Nathantech game features authentic music from the tv quiz show, and amusing comments by the host, though sadly the cash itself isn't real, it also keeps a log of your previous best deal, giving you a chance to try and beat your score. The program outputs to Jaws, NvdA and Sapi and is absolutely free.

With cheerful sound effects and a very authentic atmosphere, this one is perfect if you've ever wondered what being in the quiz show hot seat is like.


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