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Deep space dice

title:Deep space dice
download page:No link!
genre:Strategy Games
developer:Ertay Shashko
platform:Amazon Alexa
release:June, 2020
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When the USS Crypsis receives what seems to be a routine distress call whilst patrolling the Auborne system, nobody imagined that it could be a trap. Now, lost in hostile space full of asteroids, solar radiation and enemy ships, the crew of the Crypsis must battle to survive. Furthermore, not all the hazards are dangers from without, as equipment failures, rebellious robots, and even deep space apathy might stand between the crew and victory. As the captain of the USS Crypsis, it's up to you to make quick decisions, deploy your tactical, scientific, engineering and medical crew to best effect, launch away missions, order repairs, and above all, try to keep your ship and it's people together long enough for help to arrive.

This is the scenario in Deep space dice, another awesome adaptation of a fully modern, solo board and dice game for the Amazon Alexa by Macedonian programmer and board game enthusiast, Ertay Shashko.

Deep space dice is a slightly more complex game to play than either of Ertay's previous titles, however that just leaves even more room for decision making and tactical judgements. Every turn, a player rolls crew dice which determine what crew you get to work with, and draws a threat card (as well as drawing an additional threat card if the crew dice fall the wrong way). the threat die is then rolled, and depending upon the result and what threats are active, nasty stuff can happen, such as crew being sent to the infirmary, the ship's hull or shields being fired upon, or even parts of the ship being disabled. It's then up to the captain to give the right orders to deal with the situation depending upon what crew are currently available, perhaps sending medical officers to revive crew who've been incapacitated by a threat, or sent to the infirmary with an injury. Of course, if there are space pirates off the starboard bow, it's time to power up the weapons which takes tactical crew members, and don't forget that raising the shields, or repairing the hull science or engineering specialists.

Being a good captain however is more than just minimaxing, since of course resolving some situations will require you to send your crew off on an away mission, though depending upon how many crew are required, and what the mission involves, it might be better to endure a miner threat for a while until you've dealt with major ones, rather than deplete your total crew taking care of smaller problems when the huge battle cruser is still threatening you.

Combine all these tactics, and nail bighting decisions, with some atmospherically dramatic sounds and the at times down right cruel whims of the god of chance, and you have an incredibly addictive, detailed game of management strategy, and quick action, that immerses you fully into it's world.

Additional resources

You should be able to directly enable deep space dice by simply telling alexa to do so, however for convenience Here is the skill page, also don't forget to Visit Tau Leader Games. here, the makers of the physical board game to support their work. A development diary concerning how the game was converted from inaccessible printed dice, cards and board, to an Alexa adaptation can be found On The sightless fun blog, and of course, whilst the game is free, if you want to support Ertay Shashko's work in making modern board games accessible, you can support him on Patrion, which will also get you direct access to his next project.

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