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Delight games

title:Delight games
download page:No link!
developer:Sam Landstrom
platform:Android, Ios
features:text, sound, visuals
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Delight games began when it's founder was on a bus deciding to do some writing. Rather than coming up with yet another standard novel, he remember the choose your own adventure books he played as a kid, and decided to try works of interactive fiction in a similar vane for a modern audience.

Rather like the classic fighting fantasy gamebooks, Delight games stories involve making choices in a progressive story watching your stats along the way. In fantasy settings (such as the detailed Wizard's choice saga for example), you might find yourself having to conserve mana and avoid getting whacked too often by angry demons or goblins, while in pirates choice playing a tough lady pirate you'll need to conserve ammo, keep a weapon handy, watch the upkeep of your ship and try to maintain enough moxy to impress crew and land lubbers alike.

As well as watching your stats, another notable difference in the delight games offerings as compared to some other books is that each story features a different character. On the one hand, this means less choices of gender or sexuality, on the other this means that remembering who your character is can often let you what best choices to take, for example the sort of decisions you'd make when playing a love sick teenaged girl in zombi hi will not be the same as you'd make playing the overweight, adventuring protagonist of the wizard's choice series, or yet the hard drinking noire 1930's private dic in the Detective's choice series.

Though there are no turn based battles rpg style, there are certainly plenty of action sequences, and of course many chances to meet untimely deaths along the way. On the other hand, each book you play also tracks your score and rank, and gives you the chance to earn achievements while playing (achievements which are tracked directly in the Delight games ap itself rather than the Ios game centre). This means lots of chances for replaying, hunting for secrets and the like.

Delight games books are also unique in the use of coins and checkpoints. In some of the longer novels, you will occasionally reach check points where you can restart if you die. Also however the Delight games library features coins as a currency. Coins can be bought as an in ap purchase for real money, earned by playing every day, or given as rewards for completing gamebooks or earning achievements. Using a coin, you can flip back to earlier choices, though of course since coins are necessarily in limited supply, you need to think carefully about when to cheat death or not.

The delight games library can be downloaded for free from the Google or Ios ap stores. This will let you play the first volume of several on running series such as wizard's choice, Witch saga, bionic bikini or detective's choice. To get access to the later volumes, as well as some stand alone books, you can either watch adds, unlock them with coins, or purchase a premium subscription for 19 usd, which gets you access to the entire library (now 50 gamebooks and counting), as well as all future releases.

The delight games books will play absolutely fine with both Talkback and Voiceover, indeed the developer has put a lot of work into insuring all parts of the ap and its gamebooks are fully accessible, which also make this ideal for first time users of accessible smart phones.

Though faster paced than some other gamebooks, Delight games are a lot of fun, especially in the way they use character and statistics to influence your decisions. With genres ranging from pulp scifi, to fantasy, to books for kids there something for everyone. If your a gamebook fan, the delight games certainly aren't something you should miss.


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