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platform:Online, web browser
features:text, sound, visuals
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Deodeck is probably the answer to many people's desires, since it is a completely online, entirely accessible collectable card game.

The rules are very simple, five rounds, a deck of five cards, the one who plays the highest wins each round. However that is just the start. Each round, use an enhancer to give yourself special powers, such as additional bonuses to your total, as well as employ a one time per match power move, which could range from poisoning your opponent, thus reducing their bonuses, to deliberately losing a round so you stack up a hefty bonus for next time, to mirroring your opponent's battle move or even negating their enhancers. Combine this with bonuses awarded for having five cards of different types or colours, and such a simple game soon branches out into something uniquely complex.

It's not however just in card battles that deodeck is unique, since the game features a hole bunch of minigames played on a regular basis, to earn cd (the game's currency), or special items, everything from concentration, to memorisation, to even a boppit like sequence of remebering colours on a flashing crystal ball. Add on to this some puzzles to complete, challenges to do, special pets and companions to journey along with you, and a hole roster of computer players waiting in the stadium to make your climb to the ranks difficult; not to mention the chance to challenge other human opponents, and you have the recipe for a quirky and complex game, and one which (thanks to it's daily minigames and challenges), will keep you busy for a good while.

Being as it is browser based, everything in deodeck should be standard links, buttons and hotspot clicking, for example to complete matches against the computer, just click the card, enhancer and power move you want to employ, then hit the "play round", button to enact your strategy.

The game also has some nice little musical stings and jingles which contribute to it's atmosphere, and mean that it's not just a matter of reading the text, (you'll learn to hate the round losing music).

The game is entirely free to play, however a number of bonuses can be earned by buying sponsor coins. These include artistic additions like having a magical unicorn as your companion, to giving everyone in the game a rare pack of cards, to having the highly useful services of the store magician, aka a search feature that can search all the games shops at once for a special item, at your disposal for 30 days. Since these donations go to help out the games' hosting, this is also a great idea for those who enjoy the game and want to see it up and running in the future.

Happy battling.


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