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download page:link
developer:N A Soft
platform:Windows with Braille display
release:October 2012
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


Dotris, as you might expect is a varient of the popular and well known puzzle game Tetris, in which blocks continually enter the playing area and need to be built up into walls to make them disappear and increase the players' score. The reason however Dotris is listed as Miscellanius, and what makes Dotris truly a unique concept is that Dotris is not strictly speaking an audio game nor can it be really said to use text.

Nick Adamson, the game's creator was interested in building something different, and so created a game which uses the output of the braille display device to show the appearance of the blocks as they slowly travel from right to left. This makes Dotris highly individual in it's design, though note that a braille display is absolutely and completely necessary to play, (for information on what display types are supported see The Dotris Faq

The game is addictive and entirely free, however as explained on the paying for dotris page Nick the developer would be extremely pleased if people make a donation, not to support him or even future game development, but because all donations go to support the Clear Vision Library, a charity who translate printed books into braille.

If you have a Braille Display and fancy trying something different with it, feel free to give your puzzle skills a test in this addictive game.


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